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David Parry-Davies

Posts published by “David Parry-Davies”

David Parry-Davies is editor and publisher of the Enviropaedia.

After 20 years in the corporate sector, in the City of London, David decided to pursue his lifelong interests in nature and environmental conservation.

After working for several years thereafter with various UK-based environmental organisations, he established Eco-Logic Development in London -- providing a consultancy service facilitating the implementation of environmentally sustainable strategies and technologies within the corporate and local government sectors.

In 1999, David returned to his country of birth, South Africa, and launched a long-term campaign to raise awareness and understanding of environmental challenges; empower people to adopt more sustainable lifestyle; and motivate people to re-evaluate their relationship with nature and their role within cosmology.

These objectives are currently facilitated through the publication of the Enviropaedia, of which he is the editor, publisher and one of many contributing authors. It is a combination of an environmental encyclopedia and environmental networking directory. Contributing authors include government ministers, specialist scientists, and thought leaders in commerce and education.

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