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Did Wayne Rooney earn his Brownwings?

If you believe Wikipedia, he did. According to them, Wayne Rooney played for a youth team called the Brownwings. After which he signed to Everton on a schoolboy contract. Now for our innocent readers, if you are unsure why this is a strange statement, you want to check out the definition of brown wings. The […]

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Creation vs Evolution

Like most kids, I did my time at Sunday school. Getting picked up in the church Kombi, singing, clapping, drinking Oros and eating Marie biscuits. I even played sheep number three in the nativity play. A really hot costume in the Durban summer. And of course I learnt the story of how God made the […]

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The Malema Censor 3000

Julius Malema is back in the news. Yet again for his outrageous comments. Back in January, he is reported to have said President Jacob Zuma’s rape accuser would not have stayed for breakfast if she had not enjoyed the sex. Today he claimed that this does not constitute hate speech. I’m not so sure. Sounds […]

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The Hawks. South Africa’s latest cop show

Monday saw the launch of a new TV drama — The Hawks. The latest offering in that uniquely South African genre, the crime-fighting soap opera. It will be taking the place of the ill-fated show The Scorpions — recently cancelled despite favourable reviews. The studio cited irreconcilable creative differences between the script-writers and studio bosses […]