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Why does JZ want to gag the media?

I am not sure why JZ wants to gag the media because the media does a pretty good job of gagging itself. Through the selective targeting of the wealthy classes, papers like the Sunday Times, the Argus, and the Mail & Guardian effectively silence themselves.  They don’t speak to the ordinary people of this country. […]

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I am sinking into my chair, my head is floppy and my eyes are at half-mast. I have succumbed to chronic Durban-ness. I can barely tap the keyboard. I would pay someone to tap it for me, but that would mean going indoors to make a phone call or something, and I can’t be arsed. […]

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Goodbye Amsterdam

It is time again to leave this town. To go. I will miss Amsterdam and her whims. I will miss the shops that never open. The waiters who stand behind the bar, chatting, never knowing that you are there. Or at least, doing a very good job to pretend. I will miss plates of cheese […]

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is you a grammar nazi?

There are a bunch of folks out there who like to get up in our shit. Nitpicking word puritans who like to get all righteous about how we use the English language. You’ll find them in every office, on every forum, blog, twitter feed, and comment section. Verbholes who spend their lives looking for deviances […]

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When is a good day to die?

The obvious answer to this question is no day is a good day to die. Because until it is proven that the afterlife exists, with its bevy of virgins and bad-ass harp music, dead is dead. And anyway why are virgins good? Not like they put out. Reminds me of an old bumper sticker I […]