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David Africa

Posts published by “David Africa”

David researches and lectures in the field of security studies. He has a particular interest in the development of original thinking in the security and intelligence sphere, believing that too much of our thinking is unoriginal and imitates Western discourse. He finds it hard to resist a good book, an interesting debate and even more so a heated argument. He is currently working with some similarly argumentative types on setting up an "arguing shop" or think tank as they are also called … watch this space for developments.

In previous, more exciting lives, David was a student political activist, worked on terrorism issues in South Africa and for the United Nations in Baghdad in the midst of the civil war in 2006. David lives in the Cape Colony (yes it is one), loves its nature and pace of life but detests the omnipresent racism to be found there.

Brawn or brains: Whither policing in SA?

The recent appointment of Bheki Cele as police commissioner has once again brought the persistently high levels of crime to the fore. Despite some substantial…