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Chris Moerdyk

Posts published by “Chris Moerdyk”

Chris Moerdyk retired as head of strategic planning and public affairs at BMW SA 10 years ago after not having succeeded in having a single affair in public. He is now a marketing analyst, whatever that may be, and semi-retired and living in Simon’s Town, commenting on marketing and media matters on radio, TV, in newspapers, magazines and on websites, but not yet on outdoor billboards or supermarket trolleys. When there’s no fishing he makes occasional forays to Cape Town and up to Johannesburg to advise his portfolio of clients.

Dear Jake: Go pee on your bosses’ desks

We could feel the politics even at the final. For example, when the team hoisted President Mbeki onto their shoulders, I swear I could hear Jacob Zuma yelling "drop, drop, drop !"

Dear Mr Zuma: So what’s your next move?

Dear Mr Zuma My excitement has gone beyond fever pitch and well into the realms of renal failure in anticipation of just how you are…

Dear Boet

Dear Boet Well, if it’s a letter from you, it must be September. The same thing, year in, year out. You get miserable, maudlin and…