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Polokwane’s revenge: ‘no crisis Mbeki’ pulls the walls down

Thabo Mbeki must go. The president who has failed to see any crisis with the world’s highest rates of Aids, worst crime statistics, exploding power stations, the stolen election of a neighbouring country and scenes of unmitigated barbarism against foreigners is destroying our nation. African National Congress treasurer general Matthew Phosa is right, we need […]

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No time left for anger

It’s often those who are dying that appreciate life most. They get news of a terminal illness and suddenly everything comes into focus, that niggling issue is really not important, that unfulfilled dream becomes a regret, it’s easier to forgive because there is simply no time left for anger. No time left for anger — […]

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What makes a person great?

Robert Mugabe won’t leave office. Thabo Mbeki made a bid for a third term and will leave a country ravaged by inflation, high unemployment, ineptness at high levels in government and business, and erratic electricity supplies. The Economist last week said, in the angriest editorial I can ever recall from that journal: “Can Thabo Mbeki, […]

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Selfish parents breed violent young

Are young people with increasingly violent, self-destructive behaviour out of control — or is this the most self-centred, negligent generation of parents yet? Globally, young people in newly affluent societies are playing up — they stagger drunk from parties, consume an array of drugs, have sex at increasingly young ages and are disturbingly violent. Last […]