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Mother Nature and Father Greed

Mother Nature and Father Greed have both reached crisis at the same time, environmentalist Monica Graaff told an Institute of Directors breakfast in Cape Town last week. One businessperson at the breakfast challenged: “Why should business change when what is going to happen is going to happen regardless?” Two days later the Cape of Good […]

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Is anyone listening? Getting value for radio adspend

Ad revenues are plummeting, which should see a rise in shorter, pithier, more imaginative advertising — but we’re not and it’s because the money-people at companies have stopped listening to the creatives. The financial crisis is seeing everyone trying to market better, but companies have also become more demanding and are more likely to use […]

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The man who made miracles

Convention is the way in which ingenuity is corralled. Doing what others expect is too often not doing what we need to do to succeed. We conform, we try to be good people, we’re nice and wonder why our spirit battles to breathe. It’s only when we do what we need to do and bugger […]