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Posts published by “Andrew Miller”

Andrew Miller is a poet, freelance writer, satirist and brand consultant. He is the co-owner and co-founder of the Unity Gallery, a business-orientated art space based in the Joburg CBD. Miller is the author of the poetry anthology Hintsa's Ghost and Getting Up: Thoughts on Falling.

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Getting it wrong 101: Durban name changes

When Schabir Shaik eventually recovers from his terrible (let’s hope it’s not terminal, eh?) illness and re-enters Durban social life, he won’t find quite the…


To listen to Jacaranda 94.2 is to step back and across into an alternate dimension — one where the soundtrack is pure eighties pop. Bizarre.…

Wait a minute, why don’t we hold a pop concert?

After Mandela's guided tour to the mike was concluded by Graca I found it increasingly tough to fight off deep embarrassment at the idolatry placed on the man, and at the happy, feel-good faces of a crowd of suburbanites totally immersed in the idea of their own charity.