Michael Trapido
Michael Trapido

What if Robert Mugabe was white?

I want you to close your eyes and imagine for a moment that Zimbabwe was being ruled by Robert Mugabe, the duly elected white, rather than black, president. Everything else must remain exactly the same as it is right now.

The overwhelming majority of Zimbabwe’s population remains black, the murder and torture continues, the destroyed economy with its 100 000% plus inflation, the 80% unemployment, the average lifespan of 37 years, the ban on the media, the election rigging and the total onslaught on the population is all still there, but done in the name of a white, instead of a black president.

In other words I’m asking you to leave everything the way it is except that all the indescribably despicable acts, currently being perpetrated against an overwhelming majority of black people is being carried out by a white president.

Let’s accept that Zimbabwe is now considered to be one of the most violent regimes in Africa’s history. This is a country wherein the disregard for black lives can almost be described as breathtaking in its arrogance. No consideration is given to their health, living standards or future, save as it affects the ruling elite.

A few weeks ago an election was held wherein this white president refused to allow the opposition to campaign without fear of murder or torture. Candidates were arrested, the electoral commission was being controlled and only monitors or peacekeepers of his choice were allowed into the field. He then refused to release the results when he realised that he had lost.

Then, in contemplation of a run-off, he instituted a campaign of butchery and intimidation that Human Rights Watch speaks of as unprecedented in the history of this violent country. Simultaneously, a de fact coup takes place wherein the message is sent out that whoever wins, the president stays.

In those circumstances, under this white president, what would have been the response?

  • A UN Security Council that is nervous to intervene?
  • SADC grudgingly acknowledging the seriousness of the situation and deciding on mediation that allows this brutality to continue?
  • Mediation that slowly grinds on its way and makes no effort to stop the violence and contemplates keeping this white president who has committed these atrocities?
  • Allows a de facto coup to have taken place with a poorly kept secret that if Tsvangirai wins the run-off this white president has no intention of handing over power?
  • An entire planet stands back and watches as soldiers, war veterans, police and intelligence pummel the electorate into oblivion?
  • Allows anywhere between a third and a quarter of the population to go into exile rather than tell this white president to behave?
  • Allows an entire region to become destabilised and called the author of its destabilisation a liberator?

    The answer to all this is that the white president would have had his backside handed to him a long time ago. In addition he would have been styled a butcher, not a liberator. He would be facing a future along the lines of Saddam Hussein rather than president in a government of national unity.

    That is, of course, my opinion and one that I sincerely hope that the bulk of the planet shares.

    Which brings me to my next question: Why should a population that is overwhelmingly black be at a disadvantage simply because their leader is black? Why are their lives considered forfeit simply because the planet is scared to be called racist if they clamp down hard on their oppressor?

    How can the planet ever listen to Africa when it comes to removing its dictators? Our history confirms that the millions and millions of Africans who don’t have access to sophisticated communications, through choice or by design, are being denied rescue, for that is what this is, by the elite few who scream racism every time the world wants to take concrete steps against their abuse.

    What the planet has to do is ask itself this: If this African president was any other race but black, how would we respond?

    • BenzoL

      Read the same piece and replace the word “mugabe” with the word “mbeki”. Enjoy reading.

    • JoBarr

      Ok, for the censure’s sake: the white fascist would feel the personal pressure over his much beloved “backspot” by the so called “democratic boot”, and the same white fascist would be kindly invited to have a never-ending holiday at either Kaapstad or London.
      I guess in this last case the local citizens could not be called to express their democratic opinion, such evident would be the result of their will.

    • trio

      hahahahahaha a good fantasy…this is exactly what happened in colonial states. the white man did it but was fought by the black man…he too would be fought by a black pple trip

    • Siphiwo Qangani with kangaroos

      @M Tafara
      Is Mad bob an endangered species? I see your defence & protection over him. If we are to defend Africans (which is somewhat good), we should do so picking no sides. The crap of defending Mad Bob over Tshangirae, Kibaki over Odinga, Mbeki over Zuma is a bull in itself. It carries no argument to our crying of protecting our “African-ness” … I would like to see people using the same criteria across the board, don’t talk about ‘he fought for that, he did that, he liberated those, blah blah. He’s not the first to liberate people from cruel regimes & he won’t be the last…even now we need someone to liberate poor Zim civilians from his nasty command’n control regime & I promise you that individual (s) will be a hero to our future generation(s).
      You talked of respect earlier over our African leaders,Yea! but respect is earned & constantly revived, Mad Bob has lost his long time ago-sorry my sons & daughters will follow suite (me) no one will ever received my (my family’s) respect in a cheap & opportunistic way… Phewww!!! [Don’t tell me they’ve arrested Tshangirae again]

    • mundundu

      siphiwo –

      when the first pictures of 2008’s violence were put out into the media, the zimbabwean justice minister said “why are you using these photos from 2002?”

      um, what? are you ADMITTING THAT YOU WERE TORTURING PEOPLE SIX YEARS AGO? [why yes, yes he was.]

      so, basically this mess has gone on for SIX YEARS. clearly there comes a point where oh, i don’t know, BEING ABLE TO EAT [especially since zanu is using access to food as a weapon], and, um, NOT BEING TORTURED [you can view sokwanele’s flickr stream, if you wish] tend to outweigh the option of STAYING IN THE COUNTRY.

      a friend of mine is going to zimbabwe this weekend. he is staying in a posh part of harare, yet was advised to BRING HIS OWN FOOD. think about that. if even the middle and upper middle classes are having issues with food availability, what must it be like for the country folk?

      and remember, no one wants to arm any of the people who are so disgruntled with bob — which is the main difference that our traps was getting at; if bob had been white, people would lining up with stealth guns to arm the opposition.

      oh yeah, they’ve arresed tendai biti for treason this morning. free and fair election my ass.

    • Michael Trapido

      Tsvangirai arrested for 3rd time as police swoop on MDC leaders :


    • http://yblogza.com Mike Golby

      If Mugabe were white we’d call him George W Bush (and Thabo’d remain respectful). And if George W Bush were black, we’d continue to call him George W Bush.

      More interestingly, Traps, what if Helen Zille were Nomaindia Mfeketo? Would we Capetonians stand a better chance of getting some inner-city shelter for refugees? Or would the SAPS, metro cops and their 4GS goons (essential components of the CTCID / City partnership) continue their covert war to dislodge and re-displace refugees by trashing their shelters and stealing their belongings?

      I really don’t know the answer either, but one thing’s for sure: the war of the rich on the poor is being so well prosecuted most are unable to distinguish the SAPS for the Bush, Zille for the Zimbabwean president, and Rasool from … well, I guess there’s nobody quite like Ebrahim Rasool.

      Ultimately, I guess, it’s a question of degree rather than race. Killing 62 people means you’re either Bob or Thabo, i.e. pathetic or diabolical (tick whichever applies). Killing a couple of million now and them makes you a Champion of Democracy and Dear Leader of the Free World.

      Twas ever thus.

      Seriously though — if Mugabe *were* white, Grace would probably have to take the farm.

    • GUS

      Excellent point Traps.

      I really believe that the US, Britain & many countries are to a certain extent answerable for the mess in Zimbabwe & the unfolding nonsense in SA due to their partisan support of the so-called liberation movements. Russia, China, Cuba & Africa would never have been able to defeat the white regimes if it wasn’t for the economic squeeze supplied by the West. In my view, it wasn’t so much love for the black African as envy for the enterprising spirit of their own kind who thrived on a continent with such potential. A potential that could not be unlocked by the original inhabitants and still cannot be unlocked by the same.

      Some of the guys talk about schools built by whites for whites only. Well, once again the correspondent’s arrogance is precisely matched by his incredible stupidity because it is quite evident that his forebears didn’t even understand the concept of schools, at least in sub-Saharan Africa. What about schools built by whites for blacks? I haven’t seen the converse yet.

      You can call me racist if you wish but I take it as a mark of distinction if it takes this expression to silence the voice of reason.

      I agree that the US & others don’t care about insignificant Zimbabwe, Rwanda, etc, but then neither do their own leaders or compatriots whatever their protestations to the contrary.

      Whose guilt is in fact the greater? That is the question that needs answering.

    • Dan

      Traps, this is way too simplistic. We live in a global world. Things don’t happen in isolation anymore and, while race may continue to play a part, it is not the only reason for the light treading around Mugabe by African leaders. There are larger issues (and money) at stake.

    • Jon

      @Nicola — the blacks of Zimbabwe generally went about their law-abiding way and did not hate Smithy. They generally preferred black people to whites out of the normal “birds of a feather” principle, but didn’t necessarily HATE the opposite race.

      There was a substantial number of black malcontents who DID hate Smithy and took up arms against him and, by breaking the law, incurred his wrath and got dealt to. Served them right.

      In the end, their rebellious will prevailed and under Mugabe they assumed power. And now they are giving vent to their hatred of whites.

      And they are paying the price for this in their OWN blood and misery.

      That serves them right too.

      They had a far better life under Smithy. And, in their heart of hearts, they know it and it burns them up more than anything that Smithy ever did to them.

    • James

      I agree completely. I’m so tired of reading how many African countries are in the sate they are in because of colonialism and a violent history.

      Find me a country that hasn’t had a) a violent history, and/or b) wasn’t affected by colonialism?

      There are plenty of countries who have been equally disturbed by colonialism and violence and yet have managed to turn it around…

      Take South Korea. Occupied over the centuries by China to the west and Japan to the east. Colonised by the Japanese until as recently as World War II. During which they endured a concerted effort by the Japanese to deny them their culture and language for the first half of the twentieth century.

      What did Koreans have to endure once that was over but the Korean war of all things!!

      As late as 1968 Korea shared the same GDP per capita as Ethiopia and was one of the pooorest countries in the world…

      Now look at it!!!! The 10th biggest economy in the world and one of the safest societies on earth…

      An extreme example perhaps but there are lots of others.

      Ofcourse, the over the boarder is North Korea – similarly run by a local lunatic who has no regard for anyone other than an elite inner-circle.

      But, I guess someone will tell me that North Korea’s situation, like half of Africa, is similarly the fault of the west…?

      While you’re at it perhaps you could give me a guess of when does the buck passing stops and the responsibility for the here and now is owned by those who are actually here!

      Look forward to it :)

    • Sue

      Once again you hit the nail squarely on the head Traps. Nicely done

    • http://www.moregroup.co.za Colin

      You are not suggesting that a white president won’t do this to his white people? Certainly, you do not allow, even (maybe especially) with your eyes closed, a black president to rule a white people!

    • Gerry

      An interesting observation is how Mad Bob’s apologists are quick to call Captain Morgan a “puppet of the west”. (and that statement alone can be dissected in many ways).

      Yet, a few people “of the west” here admits that Zim is nothing to them – they have no interest in it whatsoever.

      The contradictory stance of these comments make me just shake my head and click on over to Sports Leader…


      Will the world be a safer place when Trapido’s “golden” boy Obama becomes the next US president?
      Will Obama’s colour determine his/our fate?
      (ps; this blog has a link on Obama’s website…wow etc)

    • zimzamzim

      From some of the rambling comments here, I fear many may have missed the point.

      However, I think this article is brilliant – I wish I had written it!

    • Gareth

      Dear Traps

      This point just reinforces my previous argument with you regarding the extremely low expectations of African people, commentators and the rest of the world of African power holders- I refuse to call them leaders.

      Eight freaking years of bloodshed, hyperinflation and economic paralysis overseen by Mbeki’s Zim non-intervention policy to get to the point where the best case scenario looks like trying to force the winners into a a coalition government a la Kenya to avert a war, and Mbeki’s apologists want to claim it is working? That is such an appallingly cynical, cowardly, dismissive view of human intellect, understanding and feelings that it is no wonder the rest of the world generally washes their hands of African crises.


      Zimzamzim says the article is brilliant. Nachus to your parents/ grandparents/ the govt/ kids etc.

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    • history

      Fantastic, this would be a political hot potato for some. But you have dealt with it so well and it is so relevant. The world went beserk on Ian Smith, I must say that the international response to Robert Mugabe has been ‘lacklustre’. Where are these people that helped get Mugabe into power? Living suburban bliss in the English countryside, not on a god-forsaken farm in Zimbabwe, surrounded by wovits.

    • M Tafara

      You will forgive me if I find your staff not worth commenting.

      M Tafara

    • Peter.w

      M Tafara
      To say that “Pres Mugabe has his weaknesses” is to say that Hitler had a few naughty moments or that Verwoerd really loved his black subjects…
      Is your view on Idi Amin also that he was a great African leader, despite his eating a few of his subjects?
      Bob is a dictator who rules through the barrel of the gun and feels nothing for the death of thousands of his subjects: he has harassed the opposition, turned a blind eye to famine (“Famine ? What famine? WE have no famine.” – his famous words) and yet you support him?
      If you had been born an Afrikaner, would you have supported Apartheid…?

    • M Tafara

      Idi Amin had a similar crime against the north, he expelled non-Ugandans from Uganda and what happened to him was going to be example to other upcoming African leaders what it meant to walk across the northern path like Tafara often does.
      Famine, which famine?
      Zimbabwe’s agricultural season for 2007/08 was low to average meaning the average yield will not allow neither excess to sell nor food supply for full season or to the next harvest but what that harvest can do is at least feed average Zimbabwean for 6 months.
      Now we are in June, one month after harvest and not withstanding the statistics of the harvest you are already claiming people are dying or you are converting pictures of people dying with AIDs into starvation.
      For the benefit of your argument, lets say the harvest was zero meaning everyone requires support on day one, when the NGO who were distributing food were temporarily stopped by government, reporters begain reproducing pictures of frail people or staving people one day after they were ordered to stop, now tell me if they were distributing food and not campaigning for George Bush and Gordon Brown why would people have no food on day one after suspension of food operations, or you would give an argument that they give one meal at a time. Your argument is not adding up Peter.

      M Tafara

    • Oldfox


      South Korea got a lot of aid from the USA, which makes the comparison a little harder.
      The academic paper “Explaining Success and Failure in Development” with link below shows on a graph the growth rates of South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Ghana, Tanzania and separately , Indonesia and Nigeria. The knock Nigeria took from the Biafran war is clearly visible, but then it caught up with Indonesia for a few years, and then fell by the wayside.
      Indonesia was very corrupt, but it reduced poverty, and was thus able to progress.

    • Peter.w

      M Tafara,

      I take it your gospel is the Zimbabwe press? Why then did the Zim Herald report that only 13% of the planned winter wheat crop had been planted ? “We have missed the target, with challenges being shortages of fertilisers and fuel as well as frequent breakdowns of tillage facilities,” Agriculture Minister Rugare Gumbo told The Herald.

      re your comments on Idi Amin: I take it then you condone the xenophobia in SA ? If it was alright for Idi Dada to kick out “non-Ugandans” (some of whom had been there for generations) then it’s ok for SA ?

      And I take it that the brutal death of Dadirai Chipiro allegedly by Zanu PF thugs “leaves you stone-cold” ?

      And I suppose that the Zim $ is not in free-fall either ?

      Do you believe in the tooth-fairy too ?

    • M Tafara

      When I quoted ‘non-Ugandans’ I had assumed that you knew exactly who was pushed out of Uganda. He expelled non-African people from Uganda to create business opportunities for previously disadvantaged Africans. When I talk to a nuclear engineer for example there are obvious terms I forgo because in that domain they are assumed, likewise when you started the issue about Idi Amin, my assumption was that you knew all aspects of him, its only now that I realise otherwise.
      Our Zulu and Xhosa and few other colleagues were expelling their African brothers – Igbo, Somali, Shona, Ndebele and others, Idi Amin knew that these were brothers and he did not expell them, he expelled non-Africans from Uganda.
      If you learnt that he expelled Africans also, then that aspect of it is the same as the unfact that Idi Amin would eat mankind – That was British Propaganda but there is no harm to the informed Africans should you choose to believe that propaganda – no problem, carry on.

      Now when you begin to quote the death of one African or the other you are trying to create a feeling of great compassion and kindness among the Caucasian people for Africans, where was your compassion when we were taken to slavery, when we were thrown in the sea enroute to America, when we were killed by Nepam and other bombs while we were fighting for our beloved continent the inheritance of our children.
      Fifty thousand African Zimbabweans died in the war before the Smith regime, when we were fighting for democracy and equal rights.
      If only 30 years ago you had not evolved enough to understand that Africans require freedom, rights and their land, what has suddenly happened to you this day for you to begin to worship Tsvangirai as the african Saviour.
      Dont you see that we see what you think we do not see? We see that its not the death of Dadirai Chipiro that you are so worried about? It is the death of your title deed over Zimbabwean soil. Its the death of 51% equity in your Zimbabwean companies.
      Just learn to let go what is not yours and restart your life in Amsterdam or Liverpool. Finish.
      An African is resilient you will not succeed, remember what we have gone through but we are still there stronger than ever.

      M Tafara

    • amused reader

      @ M Tafara / Peter W

      Peter is right. The figures i read differed slightly (Zim could feed 25% of its current population), but the gist is the same. There is no way Zim can even start to feed itself, and relies upon food aid from White governments. Ironic isn’t it!

      Don’t know your story, but i was in Zim last year for a for a few weeks. Even a cursory drive through the country would put paid to any pretense that Zim could begin to feed itself. The overwhelming majority of farms have been ransacked and are in chronic disrepair. The new ‘farmers’ are anything but, although the occasion pitiful attempt to grow something in the odd corner of a former farm can now and again be glimpsed.

      The few remaining white commercial farms can be seen from miles away, they are the only things that are green.

      As own goals go, Mugabe’s was as spectacular as they come, nearly as dumb as those like you who continue to applaud him.

    • Anglo Boer

      M Tafara,
      Please tell me you were joking when you said you talk to nuclear engineers.

      Ja Cobus,
      These kinds of threads invite scary types from the shadows which causes many of us to wander. I think most would be surprised at how many of us are wandering…off that is.

    • Peter.w

      M Tafara
      Where do you come up with this nonsense?

      For one thing, I have never held a foot of Zimbabwean soil or a dollar in a Zimbabwean company…

      The 50,000 Zimbabweans you mention never fought for democracy – only freedom and tribalism. Mugabe fought alongside Nkomo – until Nkomo challenged him for primacy. So much for your notion of democracy : “One man, one vote, once.”

      And your essay reeks of racism and of superstition like Nonquase. If you hate the Caucasian so much then why do you use his education system, his medical system, even his language?

      Africa will never be great until it puts away petty prejudices. All that you have done in your own words is portray yourself as another HF Verwoerd or BJ Vorster through the looking glass.

    • M Tafara

      Amused Reader
      Getting to be an established farming community is a process which has its challenges. Today I agree with you 1002% that we are unable to feed ourselves for a number of reasons but it will not mean that we shall return our land back to the children of the Queen as our brother Tsvangirai is suggesting, no.
      We believe that give and take 10 years time we shall be able to feed ourselves not with biomodified American junk food donated by USAID, but by quality organic and natural food grown on the rich soils of the Great Zimbabwe, the land of our inheritance.
      When the British took our land in the 19th century, it took them quite some time for them to start to have the level of production they have maintained over the years. So we will get there, believe you me.

      M Tafara

    • http://letpeoplespeak.amagama.com Lyndall Beddy

      Don’t be a fool – the country did not “let him” run it. He manipulated and cheated from the start. How can you be so dispairing of ordinary peaceful people who only want to live a normal life. Exactly how many times have you taken up arms – you “Big Bek”? Come on – be honest. Have you ever lifted a gun in your life – or do you only try to encourage others to do so?

      Alan in Botswana
      Same to you. What do you expect the ordinary people to do – they don’t have guns, and Mugabe’s thugs control army and police. I am dissapointed in you. I expected better.

      Thanks for the common sense. Of course they are “on their own”. No-one in the west gives a damn. They have much bigger problems to sort out than this minute little African kleptocracy. Most British and American voters would not even be able to find Zimbabwe on a map.

      The blacks never hated Ian Smith. In fact many of them respected him. Mainly, at that time, they were not very political at all. They hate Mugabe though!

      There might be minerals in Africa – but there are also minerals in America, South America, Canada, Russia and Asia. It seems to have escaped your notice that our own Sasol and Anglo American are developing very few new mines here in SA – but many on other continents. Ever wondered why?

      M Tafara
      The 50,000 that died in Zim was black on black violence by Mugabe’s thugs.

      The British did not “Take our land” in the 19th century. I am not even going to bother to tell the same facts again for about the 20th time. I am beginning to get bored. It does not matter how many times facts are pointed out, or references and proof given, people like you with closed minds continue in the same groove like lemmings.

    • amused reader

      M Tafara

      As the song goes, “You are a poor misguided fool!”

      When you say we, you do not mean the people of Zimbabwe, since they voted for the MDC, in 2002 and again in 2008, so who is we? Do you mean the ruling party that has eliminated its opposition through violence and intimidation, closed down all dissenting media, destroyed the judiciary etc. No matter for this debate. lets just deal with the housekeeping.

      Firstly, you do not have the slightest, tiniest vaguest hope or possibility of resurrecting the farming industry in 10 years to a point where you can again feed yourself.(Without the return of the commercial farmers and probably not even then)

      You must recognise the difference between commercial farming and subsistence farming. If you are to feed the nation your only hope is the former, but all you have left is the latter. Your black farmers have shown neither the desire, nor the aptitude to do anything other than grow what they need.

      Commercial farming is highly skilled, highly organised, and highly capital intensive. Zimbabwe benefited had some of the most highly skilled farmers in the world, together with top rate agricultural colleges to train new farmers, and farms that had been built up over several generations so that they were highly developed.

      Virtually all of these farms have been ransacked and looted to the point where all the equipment has gone and cannot be replaced without several more generations passing. Add to that, that your agricultural colleges have closed, and all your experienced farmers have left, who is going to farm, with no money, no equipment and no expertise? You can’t even supply enough electricity to runs the farms any more.

      Next who is going to fund inexperienced and unskilled black farmers, who do not have any collateral, since they do not own their farms? Perhaps more significantly, black Africans do not want, in any event, to farm commercially, hence the demand for Zimbabwean farmers throughout the continent.

      Then you have to consider that the white farmers are still the legal owners of the farms. A significant number of them bought their farms under Mugabe’s rule, and paid property tax to Mugabe’s government. The restoration of property rights is one of the key demands that come with future western aid. Add to that that it was illegal under SADC law to take the farms, once a mass action comes from the commercial farmers, you will have to hand back the farms in any case. The tobacco companies will fund all the legal bills and a lot more besides. Proper, just and equitable land reform than then be carried out.

      You (I assume that you are ZANU PF) have bankrupt your country, your performance has been so hopelessly and pathetically inept, that once you leave power, your party will implode, and you will be just a historical footnote of how not to run a country, a case study in a history or economics class.

      Just remember when the British came there were only 100,000 of you. The numbers were kept down by the endless famines, since you had not developed any sophistication in agriculture, and you on going tribal wars. You had no modern health system, no schools, no electricity (no change there then) and no transport system. You thrived under the British, and your dollar was worth more than the American one.

      After they left you currency is worthless, your life expectancy has nearly halved, you rely on aid to feed your people, your health and education systems have collapsed, and you have become the laughing stock of the world, and the ‘ace in the pack’ for any white supremacist who wants to prove how inept Africans are at self government. Quite an epitaph.

    • Alan in Botswana

      Lyndall, have you never heard of unarmed civilians protesting peacefully and achieving their aims through sheer strength of numbers and determination. Guns are not necessary to show the regime how the people feel and to scare the rulers into flight. The answers to Zimbabwe’s problems will not come from outside its’ borders. The people must act.

    • http://letpeoplespeak.amagama.com Lyndall Beddy

      Alan in Botswana

      Don’t be a romantic fool. The army and the police and the armed militia are large enough to keep all the population down. Do you think that millions WANTED to die under Mao, Stalin or Idi Amin?

      The civilians can do NOTHING! That is what the UN is supposed to be there for.

    • shootemup

      The very voices shouting down crit of Mad Bob and his murderous henchmen are the same ones who welcomed international condemnation of the apartheid regime form the UN and anyone else. The hypocrisy is mind blowing…

    • grace

      you are totally right, if he was white he would have faced the death sentence, but they are leaving him in power because they are scared to look racist.

    • KopKop

      If the population of Zimbabwe were white and mugabe remained black as President and everything else was the same the world would have invaded Zimbabwe! They are ignoring the plight of Blacks people of Zimbabwe just like they did in Rwanda wheres they went to war to save whites in the Balkans!!!!

    • http://www.interactiveafrica.com Joseph Tagarira

      You ‘jest at scars that never felt a wound’I fail to understand the idea behind your article. Why should we imagine the impossible?The West is not attacking Mugabe simply because of SA. They have more interests in the stability of SA than anything else. If you do proper research, how many British firms are in SA? Even the royal family owns plantations in SA. The biggest fear is that if they intervene strongly, SA will one day implode.
      The people of Zimbabwe were lied to during the Lancaster House agreement. Nobody is talking about it. The British did not honour their promise and hence they are equally to blame for this.I really dont know why the whites never learn? Why cant they do the right thing and admit that the wealth they possess now is ill-gotten?Was it not your forefathers who rode on a horse hours on end dividing African land amongst themselves?