I do not have any reason to Twitter
I joined just to follow Helen Zille
I thought we’d have great adventures
Propounding Liberalism’s virtues
Then the haters and the hatred could
Be defeated with rational looks
At arguments and mindful logic applied
To unwind, untangle and internalize
The great social problems of the day
The stumbling blocks in our way
To solve the riddles created by greed
To address the people’s dire need
For salvation through work and liberty
For self-actualization and dignity
But most of all for peace and privacy
That would be guided by a Liberal creed
I thought that would be intention’s speed
Alas I was mistaken about the Twitteracism
That responded in indignant hateful schism
To every Zille tweet and interpretation
As though their hatred had an invitation
So Helen has taken her tea party private
To exclude the trolls who just mime it
A pity I fear for such a fearless warrior
None proved that she was a carrier
Of the hate and the racism as accused
They fell on their swords as they abused
Some with sarcastic dismissal railed
Others with inferiority’s own betrayal
All that hurled anti-Helen sentiments
Went quiet after their psychotic bents
And in time the number of tweets shrunk
It was just a pile-on in order to debunk
The notion that Helen Zille is a leader
Instead bleatings of white privilege meet her
So now my TimeLine is sparsely populated
And my Twittering is closely situated
I hope that @johnsteenhuisen steps up the pace
And that @Our_DA Tweets in rational debate
There is much that can be done with Twitter
Not just by the famous social influencers



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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