Stormfront LogoI don’t like giving up, but I’ve been tempted to concede to those, like Alison Tilley, who say it’s better not to criticise the government, because all it does is bring the racists out of the woodwork. I’ve been tempted to share the despair of some readers who find the stink of this small band of bigots hard to take.

But Alison’s post achieved more than I think she bargained for. It not only brought the racists out of the woodwork, but exposed them for who they really are.

Finally, we know the filthy crevices from which they launch their forays. Now we know the pseudonyms by which they go, which organisations they belong to, and what they believe in. Now we know the white supremacists who hang out here on Thought Leader.

Every time someone raises a problem, offers a solution or directs a criticism at the government, there they are. On my previous post, there they were, whining about race and about being censored.

Never mind that failing to stay on topic is grounds enough to “censor” them. The posts that attract them are seldom, if ever, about race, but about economic policy, or technical issues, or perhaps corruption. Never mind that these are exactly the racists I said would claim vindication because of the electricity crisis.

By “this lot”, I mean Consulting Engineer, and a number of others. I have a fair idea who three of the “4 of us” are to whom Consulting Engineer refers, but since I can’t isolate a fourth — there are a few possibilities — I’ve edited this post to remove names. They’re certainly not the only four who sound like peas in a pod.

Would you guys give it up, please? It is incredibly tiresome when every second article degenerates into you lot banging on about race and racism. Worse, you give the rest of us whities a bad rep. You’re the reason Nelson Mandela is a considered a saint.

Sandile Memela may have been wrong when he said I was a racist. But so are you. Just because you’ve found someone who opposes the ANC’s economic thinking, its corruption and its preference for loyalty over competence — and is able to express those criticisms in passable English — doesn’t mean you’ve found someone who supports your ideals. Let me be clear: I detest them.

I have pointed out before that I do not believe that blacks cannot run a government; I believe national socialists (among others) cannot run a government. I do not believe the Nats were any better; they were at least as short-sighted in their economic thinking, they were at least as corrupt and were at least as tolerant of incompetence among those loyal to their cause. Not to mention they were considerably worse on other counts, such as respect for liberty and basic human rights.

Socialism and communism, or incompetence and corruption, have nothing to do with race. Whites have been just as badly seduced by the futile ideal of a state-run workers’ paradise, or the prospect of power and loot. Perhaps Eagle, who asked me for facts in dispute of his racist analysis, could point out some genetic contamination in Russian communists of which I’m unaware. Perhaps he’d care to explain why your average white European welfare-statist, socialist or unionist falls for the same economic fallacies as your average black African welfare-statist, socialist or unionist. Or why the term “national socialism” derives from the economic policy of the ultimate, pure-as-the-driven-snow Aryan supremacy group of them all.

Unlike you lot, I do not think smart economics or honest government is beyond the capacity of black people, or indeed, any people. Unlike you, I cried with joy on April 27 1994 and celebrated liberation with thousands of others on the lawns of the Union Buildings on May 10 1994. I won’t ever forget, or have reason to regret that.

I know you think the Nats were vastly superior to the present black government, and that FW de Klerk surrendered the white race’s birthright. I know you’re upset about affirmative action, black economic empowerment and a democratic South Africa in general, because you think blacks are an inferior race. I’ve certainly heard it often enough.

I hate to disappoint you, but just because I disagree with some ANC policies and actions does not mean I support the aims of organisations you lot seem to hold in high esteem — organisations such as the Boerevolk Trust, or “SF”, which I presume stands for “Stormfront”, the militant white supremacy group founded by the ironically named Don Black, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, former member of the American Nazi party and convicted international terrorist.

OK, you’re into all this white pride and white supremacy stuff, and you believe God wants us to capitalise those terms. I get the point.

I happen to support the right to free speech. I even agree that this covers the freedom to spew your brand of brain-dead hatred. But we have the right not to listen. Just as you support the right to reserve admission to your little get-togethers (that’s what ROAR stands for, isn’t it, Consulting Engineer?), the moderators here have that right too. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t exercise it often enough.

You lot are just as mindless as those people whose knee-jerk reaction to every criticism is to yell “racist”. That your knee-jerk reaction is to yell “race” makes no difference.

I’ve had my fill of it. Put a sheet on your head and dance somewhere else, please. There are no burning crosses here.

(This post, unlike most, was not first published on my own blog.)


  • Ivo Vegter writes and argues for fun and profit. He is a columnist, magazine journalist and apprentice model shipwright. In his spare time, he helps run a research company. He specialises in the tech and telecoms industries, but keeps a blog on politics, economics and other curiosities on the spike


Ivo Vegter

Ivo Vegter writes and argues for fun and profit. He is a columnist, magazine journalist and apprentice model shipwright. In his spare time, he helps run a

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