Being myself unaccustomed to fame and fortune, and the trappings of high profile folly, I don’t have a personal reference for this, but judging from the others it must be a shame when your Wiki page reads like a rap sheet.

Most of the other Wiki pages devoted to profiling the famous and fortunate, start with a blurb, then chronologically follow the birth and life of the profiled person. Not so with some it seems. One in particular jumps right into the grubby details of former marriages, academic fraud and persona-non-grata status.

Then it follows with the skinny on tainted dealings in the new husband’s work, followed by more details about being sanctioned and then plunges into a seven part scam, ranging from dirty property deals, to blood diamond allegations, to warlord-like first world shopping sprees, to Penthouse-worthy adultery drama – yes, she was his sexetary – to tales of being a big deal in Kowloon, to more about fake degrees and then, finally, some assault charges.

So as not to appear biased, there follows a list of some forty-six references which uphold the charges, allegations and general commentary. If you don’t believe me, search Wikipedia for any famous person, and then read this.



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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