It seems that when I write in rhyme
The words seem clearer from my mind
Rather than when I write my posts
Whose words seem to concern the ghosts
Of things gone by and Christmas past
My own grandeur and their bawdy cast
Of merry thieves and gay warlords
That carouse and sing in many chords
Of their failed attempts to harness
And their aborted tries at sickness
Their many song-praised weathers
And their leaders of bold endeavours
To find ways and means to bribe
Each other and the wards of each tribe
To buy agreement and to condense support
For the ideologies which they purport
To follow and propagate in public
Among the people and the alcoholic
Leaders of their parties and cause
Drunk with power, drunk on laws
That they sat, spoke and created
To bind the people with abated
Breath drawn in, not exhaled
Awaiting the notice of having been paid
Their measly stipends for being at risk
Their paltry crumbs for their grifts
Having not another safety net
The indigents are too weak to get
The politicians’ handsome pensions
Or the public servants’ lavish mansions
Not even some semblance of prosperity
Instead of the gentile indentured poverty
We wait and address the patient massing
Gathered in congress for the blessing
They revel and rage with the tide
Of promises and pledges for the crimes
Yet to be committed, yet to benefit
The people wait for just a taste of it
The corruption is but another story
Long-winded and very, very hoary
That dispels the notion that they left
They just changed sponsors and then crept
Among the folk as freedom fighters all
To sound great bursts of economic call
And now they plagiarize the hymn-sheets
And rundown the jungle village drum-beats
Pretending to be humble parliamentarians
When in fact they’re egomaniacal trustafarians
So please don’t get angry with me
If I “Throw Shade” at the popularity
It’s in the nature of politicking
To count out the corrupt and the bickering
To lay them flat and to lay them bare
Then discount what they have to share
Ignoring their claims to some virtue
Impugning character with factual curfew
Relying on common sense to prevail
When all else has thusfar failed
It must be that the people are saved.



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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