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Our diverse cultural heritage defies the stereotype, let’s keep it that way

By Busani Ngcaweni It was January 2000. Heavy rains in the north-eastern parts of KwaZulu-Natal were causing mayhem for rural communities and across the border in neighbouring Mozambique where search-and-rescue teams from the South African National Defence Force were in full force. Apart from the environmental and livelihoods impact of these heavy rains in this…

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The peaceful village illusion

By Zimbini Ogle Send your children to the villages, they will be taught respect and dignity. The village life will inculcate good principles and life is peaceful in the villages, we were told. Yes Khaya Dlanga I agree with you on the violence in villages today. I remember the stories about how peaceful it was:…

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Mandla Mandela and the demise of traditional black culture

By Melo Magolego A little while back in my home township of Ga-Rankuwa, just north of Pretoria, a very peculiar thing happened. A woman who had been living with her parents had, on the passing of her parents, become sole resident of the family house. Due to the vagaries of the economy, the other siblings…

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