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These are the things I miss about being 8 years old

These are some of the things I miss about being 8 years old. I miss the Rothman’s Durban July supplement with all the pictures of the horses. I miss waiting for photos to come out, and the way my mother peeled back the cellophane in the albums to stick them down. I miss Sunday lunch…

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Bringing out the big Gundelfingers

”Why does divorce have to be messy?” someone asked on Twitter. Today’s trending topic is, of course, the Sexwale divorce. Anything is messy if it involves lawyers, anger and, of course, money. A lot of money. (A R70 million house! R150 000 a month maintenance! I hope at least that the R1 million car demand is in…

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How communists paid the price and capitalists scooped the pool in post-apartheid SA

When Mandela first met with Sol Kerzner it was not, as was the case with most of his post-release meetings with big-hitting capitalist exploiters, to solicit (or more accurately, quietly demand) a large donation for black upliftment projects. Instead, the purpose was purely political. This was mid-1990, a time when it was not at all…

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