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It’s the high dropout rate we should be worried about not the matric results

An important milestone was reached in the life of many learners when the matric results were released. Some succeeded admirably but others were disappointed. They now have to make critical choices about the careers they wish to follow. For many among them, their choices could have been different if the education system was functioning optimally….

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Distinctions and defeat: The scramble for universities

The dust has finally settled. Most schools (at least those which have textbooks and teachers present) are back into the routine. The matric results frenzy has ebbed. I’ve always been disturbed by the country’s obsession with matric results every year as though we will discover something different. Every time I think about the frenzy I…

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A black matric certificate is still worth nothing in SA

By Siphiwe Sithole I must congratulate the class of 2013 for achieving what is said to be the highest pass rate of 78.2% since 1994 in South Africa. It is always exciting to watch newly matriculated youths get into the real world, some get jobs, others further their studies while others journey to find themselves…

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Placing indigenous knowledge games at the centre of our education strategy

We are a society engaging in “an anthropology of low expectations” with the bar we set for being awarded a National Senior Certificate (NSC). (Eusebius McKaiser, 2012). South Africa’s matric pass rate was up from 67.8% in 2010 to 70.2% in 2011. To obtain a matric pass in South Africa, a pupil must achieve 40%…

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