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Fighting terror is like fighting vapour because it doesn’t have a home address

We are living in a world where the phrase one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter has never been more pertinent. It would seem that the idea of terror is no longer one that exists in some far-off land, happening to far-off people. It has become a reality that one minute you’re sitting having…

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How to eradicate extremism

By Dan Kuwali Extremism and radicalisation have fuelled violence and terrorism, which are some of the burning problems that affect communities around the world today. Countering these scourges is in the interest of all states, considering the borderless effects of such criminal acts. An extremist is a person who advocates or resorts to measures beyond…

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A Philip K Dick nightmare

Even though an American is four times more likely to be killed by lightning, there’s no greater bogeyman in the Anglo-American body politic than the homicidal terrorist. It beggars belief that something so statistically insignificant (it has been suggested that the odds of death at the hands of a jihadist, or the like, is one-in-20…

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