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South Africa, we can do and be better

By Andrew Ihsaan Gasnolar It would seem that racism is a divisive topic. It seems to me that the rattling of that word bothers people. It brings out such defensive reactions. It is troubling to see how easy it is to become self-righteous, indignant and defensive. We must guard against this tendency. Let us not…

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The blame game

By Lethukuthula Mxolisi Kheswa In all major setbacks, be they political, social or racial, there’s a dominating need to look around for the weak link to place the blame on. We’ve seen it countless times. Blame the bank for charging high fees, blame the government for failing to deliver, blame the principals for not enforcing…

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Crime: Are you to blame?

Safety is a difficult thing to contemplate in a country where nowhere is really “safe”. It is hard to pretend that we don’t know. We can’t ignore the high crime statistics, and police commissioner requirements of stomach in chest out. It’s almost impossible to meet anyone who doesn’t know anyone who has been victim of…

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