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The Mandela cult

“Happy is the country that has no history” is a proverb attributed to the French philosopher Montesquieu. In 1994, South Africa — up until then a synonym for backwardness and brutality — was reborn as a democracy. A new epoch dawned. A promised land beckoned. And the man who had come to embody that hope…

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Andre Brink, speak your truth

It’s hard to accept that almost 20 years into a non-racial society, persecution of creative intellectuals who are pro-black can still be such a powerful and dominating force in society, especially in literature. I remember how leading Afrikaner writer Andre Brink sacrificed his privilege to challenge white supremacy. There are many other unsung literary heroes…

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Those who hate Mandela

I have never thought harder about whether or not to publish a piece. I do not want to write this piece, but feel compelled because I cannot sit quietly by as Nelson Mandela is rubbished by people who would divide and rule us. We should not jump to their bait, but be aware of the…

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