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Mercedes has decided to let the current SL prowl the streets for another couple of years before the all new SL debuts. The SL range has enjoyed good sales figures and with the face-lift next year they hope to ensure another successful model. These photos, taken just recently in the states by uber spy-shots photographer, Hanz Lehmann, capture an SL AMG model as it undergoes high temperature testing with it’s sexy bits covered up.

The biggest change will be the CLS-style headlamps together with a new bumper and grille. Camouflage at the rear lights is hiding the new shaped lines and modern LEDs. Other features that will come for the new SL are the air scarfs in the headrests that blow hot air onto your neck known from the SLK. Seems Mercedes is combining all the successfull traits from their past models for the new flagship Benz.

Under the hood the SL powerplant is likely to remain the same as the current model, but rumours about a turbocharged version have been doing the rounds as well. Top of the line will be the SL65 AMG with 450kw at the wheels.



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