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Wild reading

Being a science writer, I spend most of my time reading, digging for stories, finding out what is going on internationally. When my partner and I finally sit down to the dinner table, one of us usually asks, “So what did you learn today?”

Wild reading is about sharing these amazing snippets (like did you know that they have shown that non-human primate whisper to each other?). Many of them can’t make it into news stories, and others have already been written somewhere else. So here are the links to the things that I’ve been wowed, horrified, excited by during the week.

A deadly lake
In Tanzania, there is a lake that kills and petrifies creatures that land in it. It’s a bit like the River Styx meets Medusa’s garden.

Light sabres!
Researchers have managed to create a new phase of matter … made out of light!

Gossiping monkeys
Tamarins caught whispering.

Fixing ovaries
Infertile woman gives birth to healthy baby after ovaries grafted.

You don’t need radioactive spider bites or a deforming explosion to become a superhero. Here’s a mask – think Iron Man – that can give you superhuman hearing or overlay your vision with special effects.

And then cute cats
Because no internet reading adventure would be complete without cute cats.