Sandile Memela
Sandile Memela

What you should know about those who hate the ANC and vote DA

1. They are IGNORANT of history. They don’t know or accept that the ANC is the oldest liberation movement in the world.
2. They don’t know who they are. They are unable to define their true identity.
3. They believe colonialism, apartheid and racism are dead, or never mattered.
4. They espouse colour-blindness to pretend everybody is the same. They believe everybody is now brother and sister in a world run by Western standards.
5. They believe racial capitalism is the best system in the world. They will tell you about the collapse of socialism and communism in the USSR.
6. They believe victims of apartheid and racism are to blame for their plight. In fact, the poor and unemployed are lazy and stupid. They deserve to be exploited.
7. They believe that living in the suburbs is a measure of success.
8. They believe that capitalism is more important than democracy and social justice.
9. They view the democratic government of South Africa as a “black government”. They regard President Jacob Zuma as illiterate.
10. They advocate for group rights and that people are defined by ancestral racial heritage.
11. They believe everything they read about the ANC in the hostile media.
12. They hope and pray for the ANC to collapse and disappear from the earth because it is 100-years-old. They see Nelson Mandela outside the ANC.
13. They believe a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, just and united South Africa is a pipe dream. As a result, they are blind to the significant transformation under way.