Struggling with breakfasts, not enough suitpockets for buffet to go into. Lurching toward the conference centre, nursing a GUINNESS, gonzo’s gone so loud, they may have stocked enough GUINNESS in the fridge skirripoppop man likes.

This tented-hall, This expo-centre, will it fit all the gatherings? Will it constrain all the pleadings? Will it dampen the cries and euphoria of “the bribe”. Will it sanitise the congress that is produced and that is released back into the wild?

Long blitherings, they’re all reading from the pamphlets, the salient points, the manifesto. Are we having a competition to compare best readers, or a competition to compare best leaders?

The regularity of the tea and lunch breaks cut through the monotony of being told who we are when we know who we are. Still no inspiration. More blathering, official instruments to be considered, and then its dinner. Yaayhh:-)

Lot of jostling, lot of failed bribes, I will give these cattle if you support this candidate. I will give this money if you don’t. Add the Harvey Weinstein effect, bedroom Olympics are no longer a vote resolving exercise, without fallout.

shame !!!!!!!!



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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