It feels overwhelming this cavalcade of registrations each claiming to be authentic and yet none seeming to be real. Fake people for a fake race for fake taste. Skrrrrrrilup pup pup pup doom doom tak tak. Its over, you weasels were ducking. Skriiiiiiidi pup pup pup doom doom tak tak, it’s over me man was standing giving it back, harder.

Register who’s you are and what you want here. Tell them upfront, whole story, no quackers. Register your branch, zone, region, province with your mandate and shut up. One way. There be more flex on scene to repatriate the dreams than any other existing streams. So who ya from sis, bruv, man is not insensitive by nature, tell us your story, without repeating from DStv. And they said, we come from the branches, we have a mandate and we have no resources. Where do we go to meet up with our resources?

Off four handed, gold, black and green are home colours, red is ally colour, but blue could be the crew you’re looking for, could be the way out of the confusion. Of course we’re not soliciting anything. The trees from rural, smoke clean, none of the urban smog, all the registrants got tucked in, made safe, and prepared for the event.

Nothing stands out among the hordes, to exemplify where God should intercede, will an even treatment of each registrant suffice, each will be blessed, regardless. Then when Registration’s over, Plenary can get started with a bang, like a ting Skriliiipuppup doom doom, you beggars will duck and hide.

Last ting, all they all here, make sure they cannot leave during program, keep them from start to end, when the ting goes quack quack quack. You’ve lot want to duck off back home. No Man’s agreeing. They stay.



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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