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Marius Oosthuizen

Zuma’s South Africa is not in a crisis, yet

As a scenario planner, it is my job to paint a picture of the future – or alternative futures, different realities that may materialise depending on the choices we make. Late Thursday night, President Zuma bulldozed the good guys out of the executive and shut the door on his handlers in the ANC. The Nkandla…

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Nco Dube

Not a single saint was axed by Zuma

On a serious note. When Pravin Gordhan and the others were elevated to sainthood by the White Inc it wasn’t for liking them or thinking there was something special about them. It was a calculated move to further divide an already fractured ANC. And on that score they, with our assistance, have succeeded brilliantly. For…

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Bert Olivier

Blood Brothers and socio-economic inequality

At the dramatic culmination of Willy Russell’s gripping musical, Blood Brothers (1983), one of the twins who were parted soon after birth, Mickey, expresses his resentment at his mother, Mrs Johnstone, for not having been the one (Eddie) who was given away to a rich, childless woman, exclaiming something like: “I could have been him!”…

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Claire L Bell

How can we use privilege to influence change?

After a year and half of being the white facilitator in Consciousness Café, a pop-up dialogue café in which people of all races, nations and cultures, come together to examine their own feelings – and consequently actions – on the topics of racism, privilege and injustice in South Africa, I started to wonder if an additional conversation was needed. I had noticed…

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Bert Olivier

Is humanity a rational species?

Most readers’ gut reaction to the question, above, would probably be something like: ‘Yes, of course!’ But please consider that the question is not whether humans are, on occasion, capable of rational behaviour. As it stands, the question bears on what would, if it could be answered affirmatively, be the supposed overriding quality of the…

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Melo Magolego

Anthem for Kalushi

Kalushi is a period drama with international calibre attention to detail. In one of the opening scenes a shop owner holds out a bank note bearing the image of the infamous man with curly black hair – that is, Jan van Rieebeck himself. This is world class attention to detail. When Solomon and his friends…

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Thabang Motsohi

Revolutionary clichés are intended to mask failures in policy execution

Watching Fikile Mbalula announce the introduction of a ‘’revolutionary electoral council’’ at the ANC press conference and state that “we simply dusted it from the cupboard and have given it new perfume” left me completely stunned. What stunned me is not the novelty of the subject but the fact that he restricted himself to the…

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Killer's life sentence gives family 'a little peace'

The man who beat Danel Rooskrans to death is behind bars, but that doesn't change the pain and rage her loved ones are left with.

Police Minister Bheke Cele addresses Jeppestown

Police minister Bheki Cele visited Jeppestown on Tuesday to speak to business owners and community leaders.