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‘Hitler got it right’ goes multiracial

A posting by Rene Smit, an obscure ANC party worker in the Western Cape, quickly went viral when it emerged that it sang the praises of Adolf Hitler for killing off the Jews and intimated that had been retro-actively justified by the behaviour to date of those Jews who survived. The post featured a picture of Hitler assuming a visionary pose, was headed “Yes man, you were right … ” and followed by the words “I could have killed all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was killing them”. Readers were exhorted to “Share the truth with the whole world”. To this, Smit herself added the words “Free Palestine!!”

The ANC itself dissociated itself from Smit, saying that she was not an employee of the party and was posting in her private capacity. Fair enough. Why, though, did ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe pointedly decline to condemn and dissociate his party from the content of the post itself?

Had it not been for the apparent ANC link, the post would most likely have been ignored, as Smit was just one of scores of South Africans who propagated similar material via social media and in the blogosphere. The latest outbreak of sustained hostilities between Israel and Gaza has resulted in a veritable tidal wave of shrill invective, not just against Israel but against the entire Jewish people. In my 17 years of monitoring anti-Jewish trends at the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, I have never seen anything like it.

Another thing that has emerged very starkly from the innumerable incendiary exchanges over the internet is that the ever-fraught Israel-Palestinian question seems to set South Africans in general against one another’s throats more than any other issue. Alongside the many vicious anti-Jewish comments are malicious attacks against Muslims and Islam and exceedingly nasty racially loaded exchanges between blacks and whites. The manner in which the Middle East conflict is sowing division and poisoning relationships between fellow South Africans and the need to foster a more civilised discourse on the question is thoughtfully addressed by Marelise van der Merwe in the Daily Maverick.

Bad as the overall discourse has been, it is against Jews, and sometimes specifically against the local Jewish community, that the worst of the vitriol has been directed. Here are just a few examples picked up over the last few days:

“Rabbi Warren Goldstein, this is the time I wish Hitler was alive and his gas chambers still in use” tweeted Mahlaba Mathonto to Israeli ambassador Arthur Lenk. The latter was directed to pass on the message to the Chief Rabbi.

Tweet 1a

Responding to the question whether it was true that Israel was under a threat of terrorist attacks from Hamas or was rather exercising her authority under the protection of the US et al to commit genocide in Palestine, Thembelane Dibate wrote: “The latter is the right one. Hitler did right kill these cockroaches.” Dibate, by the way, is project coordinator at the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance, which falls under the Gauteng department of education.


Rachel @lakhilakhi5, of the Young Communist League of SA, has been especially busy. “Was Hitler Wrong about the jewish evil? Compare what’s happening today with the Holocaust and choose your name” she writes. She has also put out a version of what Rene Smit posted, with slightly different wording: “I would have killed All the jews.I saved sum 2show the world how evil they can be”.

Somewhat puzzling is her tweet, “When Hitler the Great killed Jews, they ran All over the world Including back to Palestine!” One would not have expected her to acknowledge that Jews came from Palestine in the first place.

@lakhilakhi5 has some helpful advice for Barack Obama: “Maybe Hitler knew that Jewish Capital will eventually destroy even America?” She has a bit of a problem with the local Jewish community as well: “How many brick did Jews build in SA? None! How many roads? None! Queens and kings in my country of birth!

At this year’s ANC Youth League conference Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi, with reference to a video on Israeli agricultural programmes in Africa being promoted by the Israeli embassy, commented, “ … disgusting. We fighting racism/colonialism/apartheid and don’t need promotion on Nazism”. Having declared his opposition to Nazism, however, what would Vavi say about the following recent tweets by Affan Sosibo, secretary-general of the ANC Youth League:


The theme of depicting SA Jewry as a hostile unwelcome element in this country, and warning what the consequences might be if their leaders persisted in attacking the government, was pursued by Sosibo in an “open letter” to Chief Rabbi Goldstein (whom he describes at one point as a “Shylockian spinster”):

“Can you please tell me where in the world it is acceptable for a leader of a minority community, acting on behalf of a foreign regime, to threaten with ‘consequences’ a popular government? The last time Arab citizens of Israel tried to do that they were considered a fifth column and had their property destroyed and citizenship revoked. Given that you regard Israel as bastion of democracy, would you like the South African government to treat you in the same manner as Israel treat its Arab minority?”

Of the examples quoted above, it will be noted that most emanated by black South Africans. This, too, is something new. Up until very recently, hard-core anti-Semitic attitudes were all but unknown in the black community. At worst, one found the surfacing of the occasional “Jews are tight-fisted” stereotype. One practically never saw the kind of visceral, often overtly threatening hostility towards the Jewish community that is now commonplace.

It all begs the question, why should a remote conflict taking place on another continent, one, moreover, whose destructive impact is demonstratively far less severe than many of those taking place in Africa itself, generate so much ill-feeling in this country? Why, also, has it generated such hatred against the Jewish people as to result in growing numbers of black South Africans enthusiastically embracing the Nazi ideology, even though this was almost as racist against people of colour as it was against Jews?

All this is showing a face of South Africa that I never suspected existed. Right now, it’s hard to believe I’m living in the same country.


  • David Saks has worked for the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) since April 1997, and is currently its associate director. Over the years, he has written extensively on aspects of South African history, Judaism and the Middle East for local and international newspapers and journals. David has an MA in history from Rhodes University. Prior to joining the SAJBD, he was curator -- history at MuseumAfrica in Johannesburg. He is editor of the journal Jewish Affairs, appears regularly on local radio discussing Jewish and Middle East subjects and is a contributor to various Jewish publications.


  1. Alan Millar Alan Millar 21 July 2014

    Devastatingly sad. As a person revolted by Israel’s disproportionate military responses I find it almost impossible to comment due to fear of being associated with anti-semites. Legitimate critique only seems to inspire new waves of Jew-hating conspiracy theorists. And so starkly bewildering to hear black politicians who seek to advance the place of black people in the world praise Hitler, who considered black people to be animals. A racist who made Verwoerd look progressive.

  2. sacksinthecity sacksinthecity 21 July 2014

    As a Jewish South African, should I be concerned (or frightened ) by these threats against Jewish South Africans or ignore it as non-sensical ramblings. Not that I give much credence to the ANCYL, however, many young black South africans could be influenced by this violent diatribe… The government should well remember that I am a South African citizen, born in South Africa. However, their silence about verbal attacks against the Jewish South African community is unacceptable and illustrates mostly their lack of ability to deal with such a delicate matter.

  3. Rodney Rodney 21 July 2014

    How many people do these extremist views represent? The “worldwide” protests are reported to have taken place in the USA, Argentina, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Australia, Chile, Iceland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia and Japan.
    Analysing the numbers and the countries where demonstrations are said to have taken place the 23 reported had a total of 35,567 (say 40,000) participants, which would average out to 1,739 (say 2,000) each. Demonstrations have taken place in 23 countries of which 6, or about 25 percent, have Muslim-majority populations.
    What has been shown worldwide is that Israel has gained support while Hamas faces rising opposition.
    The great majority of demonstrations having occurred in the West suggests that people in Muslim-majority countries have more urgent concerns, such as the fact that ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has just two days ago killed 270 people in taking over a gas field in Syria and, after 2,000 years, forcibly expelled Mosul’s entire Christian population.
    In examining these easily checkable anti-Israel exaggerations one cannot escape the conclusion that the average news seeker is being exposed to pathetic, bold-faced lies.

  4. Atrinnerty Atrinnerty 21 July 2014

    Racism within the black community in South Africa seems to be a growing problem just like it was amongst Afrikaans youth in the early 1900s. A point of view that led so many of them to support the Nazis and Apartheid in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Ben Turok even talks about the growing levels of black racism he encountered within the ANC and the government in a recent interview he gave on politics web about his new book.

  5. Francois Verster Francois Verster 21 July 2014

    Sad indeed. Question is: do these hate mongers even know anything at all about history – one suspects the education system in SA has already failed … so many people think, for instance, that Wikipedia is an indisputable source and they cannot discriminate between fact and fiction, or propaganda.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  6. John Ram John Ram 21 July 2014

    If South African Jews had kept silent or neutral this would have not been the case. The phots from Gaza are floating on twitter and a new generation of South African find it strange that South African Jews can be So heartless as to publicly defend the genocide against the Palestinian people. As for Affan Sosibo…He is the most popular youth leader in the country right now and expect to hear more from him in the future

  7. Richard Renton Richard Renton 22 July 2014

    @Alan Millar: you claim to be “…a person revolted by Israel’s disproportionate military responses…” How do you define disproportionate? How would you respond if your secure, cotton-wool life in South Africa were constantly under threat from rockets fired from, say, Botswana, at the rate of up to 6 an hour, every day, for over 9 years?
    Those rockets are intended to kill, maim, terrorise and disrupt the normal daily lives of Israeli citizens: Jews, Christians, Arabs and many other racial groups. Those rockets have you scurrying to a bomb shelter, where you wait to hear an all-clear, sometimes for hours at a time. Those rockets disrupt your kids’ education, damage your business, and render your social life almost non-existent.
    Israel’s response is aimed at eliminating Hamas, the source of this constant threat, and not directly at the law-abiding citizens of Gaza. Israel’s defence force stands between Hamas and the Israeli citizens. Hamas, on the other hand, takes refuge *behind* its citizens, and fires rockets from public places. Hamas stores armaments in the basements of schools, transports armaments in ambulances, and has even resorted to using animals as homicide bombers. ( )
    Disproportionate? I think not. And if you disagree—as I’m sure you will—please demonstrate how Hamas, an Internationally-recognised TERRORIST group, should be dealt with.

  8. Solomon Kumalo Solomon Kumalo 22 July 2014

    Those who were alive in the 1970s and 1980s will know that the then Israel government supported the apartheid government militarily. Gatsha Mangosuthu Buthelezi and other Bantustan leaders were frequent visitors to Israel. The black South African cannot have such a short memory please.

    I am yet to see any Black South African who supports Hamas’s actions. The way Israel is responding is the reason some of us are responding so negatively . I know Israel is under siege but even the apartheid government did not use such excess power in its fight against guerrilas.

    It si still a puzzle why the Jews who were so badly treated by Hitler could turn out to be even more cruel

  9. marion marion 22 July 2014

    I am amazed how the conflict in Israel can affect everyone so badly – its got nothing
    to do with us south africans – this is between them – and it will only be sorted out
    between them. Bringing Hilter into the problem – hmmmmmm I really dont have
    any words for people that write such nonsense without having any knowledge
    or understanding of what happened.

    also another point – what i love – everyone has something to say but have they lived in Israel do the know the Israelis or Palestians – I live there for about 5 years
    its not what it seems – its hard to understand and one cant take sides,

    this whole thing could have been stopped – when the three boys went missing
    everyone knows and especially the Palestians and Arab lands that the Isaelis
    wont stop until they find them – why did not the Palestians – PUT their hand
    out to help to find the boys – silence – if they did – then news media is to blame
    as i remember hearing anything – when the boys were found dead – the palestians
    ‘knew exactly what was going to happen – did they try to stop it – NO – they new the Israelis would go all out to find who did it, This conflict should not have happened.

  10. JohnbPatson JohnbPatson 22 July 2014

    You seem to assume that because people are black they cannot be bigoted.
    The key word here is people, not black — and people everywhere can be bigoted, especially when led by bigots as is the case in South Africa.

  11. Derek Derek 22 July 2014

    Anti-semitism will continue to grow worldwide in response to the Israeli’s inhumane and disproportionate attacks and subjugation of Palestinians. Don’t blame anyone but the Zionists – they’ve brought this on all of you. The fact that most of you have not spoken out against these injustices makes you complicit.

  12. Baz Baz 22 July 2014

    Very sad indeed the loss of lifwe on both sides. But both countries, atr adpoting ” an eye for an eye” and it’s not going to resolve any further conflict between the two countries; should this continue.
    Remember, ALL nations have a good & the bad in their genes.

  13. david saks david saks 22 July 2014

    John Ram – Genocide is the systematic, intentional extermination of an entire population. Civilian deaths resulting from conducting a defensive war against an enemy that deliberately bases its military operations within civilian areas self-evidently don’t fit into that category. On the contrary, those who provoked the war in the first place in the full knowledge that their own non-combatant population would be placed in deadly danger when the other side retaliated bear the full guilt for all who have died in the course of this appalling conflict. This is what South African Jews are asserting, and they have every reasonable cause for doing so.

  14. Tom Evans Tom Evans 22 July 2014

    Great article David Saks and Richard Renton your comment was spot on.
    The world is turning upside down. What is obviously wrong is accepted as correct and vice versa. Hardly a day goes by without stories appearing in the news of Islamist atrocities and yet the western world turns a blind eye to them and instead vilifies Israel. I find this impossible to understand.

  15. Sizwe63 Sizwe63 22 July 2014

    There can be no excuses whatsoever for these immature and stupid utterances about “Hilter got it right”. They reflect an utterly a-historical and ignorant mind-set and a complete void of political education. Antifascists like Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela would spin in their graves if they could read these tweets. Always assuming that these tweets were really sent by those whose names they claim as senders. We know how anyone can play loose and fast with twitter.

    The Malans, Verwoerds, Vorsters who installed Apartheid were disciples of German and Italian fascism. Their own way of implementing this ideology they called “christian nationalism” (Verwoerd). It might seem as ironic that the very same people with a fascist ideology saw the Jewish state Israel as one of their main strategic partners on the African continent. With the help of Israel the Apartheid regime was enabled to produce nuclear weapons.
    Neither the Apartheid regime nor the governments in Israel are about christians or jews, though. Religions are used as lubricants to manipulate people in one or another way. The Apartheid regime was sustained by Western powers, mainly NATO, to control the Southern Hemisphere, as an outpost in their “fight against Communism”. The Israeli government is still being fed by Washington to control the oil producing Middle East region. Anyone disturbing this role of the Israeli regime has to be crushed. Is this a “defensive war”? Very unlikely.

  16. Larry Lachman Larry Lachman 22 July 2014

    As Israel’s ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, said recently: “We don’t have to apologise for Israelis not being killed.” Indeed, one wonders quite how the media would want to even up the scores. Perhaps Israel should switch off the early-warning systems that notify Israelis of missiles, and stop using Iron Dome until more Israelis have been killed than Palestinians? Only then, having satiated the media thirst for Israeli blood by dying in sufficient numbers, would Israel be “allowed” to resume its protective operation to let Israelis live peaceful lives free from terror.

    More people have died in Syria this year than have died in the Israel-Palestine conflict since it began. Syria’s death toll for 2014 so far stands at almost 30,000. Cumulative fatalities in Israel and Palestine since 1948 are 22,000 (that figure counts the dead on both sides).

    All of this death and misery and bloodshed in the world and the only thing truly disproportionate is how much focus there is on Israel.

  17. carelkotze carelkotze 22 July 2014

    The cliché that everybody loves a winner is not always true. Sometimes the loser generates more and sometimes even much more sympathy than the winner. This is especially true in the war between Israel and Hamas. The terrorist actions of the loser, which operates from within the Palestinian area of the Middle East, is largely ignored when they kill teenagers or shoot rockets into Israel. However as soon as Israel retaliates, these Terrorist are elevated to the status of genocide and or apartheid victims.
    In 1948 when Partition was adopted by the international community, the Palestinian Arabs were bombarded with anti-Jewish propaganda. They were told that the Jews will loot, shoot and rape them as soon as they gain statehood. So as soon as Israel gained statehood and the Arab nations failed to eradicate the Jews, they fled and declared Jihad. The holy war.
    In the 1990’s when it was clear that a terrorist cum communist organisation will take over the rule of South Africa the Whites were bombarded with anti-communist, pro Christian propaganda by the right wing A.W.B. However they did not flee to Namibia but resisted these elements and helped to eradicate these right-wing elements.
    The Palestinians became refugees and were kept at bay in the Sinai desert by the military arm of Egypt. Instead of trying to negotiate peace with Israel, they subjected themselves to more propaganda and aligned themselves with the rest of the Arab world who tried by one war…

  18. J.J. J.J. 22 July 2014

    The Liminal Space:

    We are in the Liminal Space
    A Dangerous Place

    Where predators lay
    and tricksters play
    Where good people pray
    then look away
    Though shalt not enter the fray

    Bless the lambs that are slain
    It is not our pain
    They are weak
    We are strong
    Nothing is wrong

    Power is principle
    Principles have no power
    Virtue has no value
    Values have no virtue
    Ethics aren’t up to you

    Right is left
    Left was wrong
    Orwell wasn’t right
    Huxley won’t be correct
    Just forget

    Always project
    Don’t reflect
    War is peace
    Peace is war
    Pacifists we abhor

    Comfort is King
    Effort isn’t cool
    Take shortcuts you fool
    Thinking is old-school
    These are the new rules

    Here I shall stay
    It’s all about play
    Don’t rock my boat
    I’m well afloat
    I won’t get my coat

    Where would I go
    Away from the glow
    Of my own ego
    All is fine below
    with my shadow

    Everything is fresh
    I won’t introspect
    I’ll just express
    the politically correct
    Remain circumspect

    Moral demise or mass malaise
    We couldn’t care less
    Regression is progression
    Progression is possession
    There’s nothing to confess

    On the Titanic we shall stay
    Hear the band play
    Conscience long away
    Deferred hell to pay
    Tomorrow’s another day

    This is our Dystopian Utopia
    A Myopic Cornucopia

    By JJ © 2013 – 2014. All Rights Reserved.

  19. Pro Israel Pro Israel 23 July 2014

    What these people don’t appear to understand is that Hitler probably would have killed them along with Jews.

    Hitler and Nazi Germany had little love for black people, considering them inferior.

    However, if you read the story of Jesse Owens, the black American athlete who won gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, it turns out that America was even more hateful towards black people than the Nazis were. In Nazi Germany, Owens was allowed to stay in the same hotel as white people. Back home in his home country, the President did not even deign to invite him to the White House to congratulate him for his victories. He never even received as much as a telegram from FDR, whereas Hitler sent him a signed photograph of himself.

    It makes me sick actually to think how deeply racist Americans were and still are to this day.

  20. david saks david saks 23 July 2014

    Amongst Affan Sosibo’s latest tweets, see 18 July: “#Hitler killed the Jews for his people. #Sisi kills his people for the Jews”.
    It’s like a boil has burst…..

  21. Kefira Kefira 23 July 2014

    What Hitler believed in was ethnic superiority (which we have plenty of experience with in SA). He took it to the most extreme conclusion, but that was only possible because he could deny the humanity of those who did not share his viewpoints (Aryan “degenerates” were not spared either).

    I wonder how David Saks would react to some idiot who’d argue that the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto was justified, because some Jew killed a German soldier there. Mind you, no one in their right mind would argue that what was going on in Nazi Germany was conducive to a pursuit of happiness there for Jews. Or that the Jews should not fight back.They did, fully knowing what to expect if they lost. The tragedy is that they lost, not that they fought back.

    Zionists often conflate criticism of the policies of Israel with anti-semitism. This hinders in actually getting to a solution to the conflict. As long as the powers that be in this conflict can deny their shared humanity expect more senseless conflict and unneeded suffering. This holds for both sides in the conflict. If 3 dead teenagers warrant such a response, then ask yourself, why should the people in Gaza be cheerful for the hundreds of civilian deaths? Don’t pretend that no Palestinians had been killed before that tragedy with the 3 youth. If you want to breed outright hatred, this is exactly the kind of response that was needed.

    Hitler got it wrong, Netanyahu gets…

  22. david saks david saks 24 July 2014

    I’m probably belabouring the point by now, but feel compelled to add Affan Sosibo’s latest tweet (23 July): “Don’t equate @Zionist with Judaism because that legitimises the illogical and illegal claim that @European ghetto rats have over @Palestine”.

    Quite extraordinary. What do his comrades in the ANCYL think about all of this is one of the questions this raises. Who would have thought that the organisation from whose ranks Mandela, Tambo and Sisulu arose would have produced someone like this?

  23. Eugene Eugene 25 July 2014

    This guilt by association thing is absurd: many of Israel’s fiercest critics are Jews. It is pretty much like blaming the Dutch for apartheid simply because they happen to be white.

  24. v_3 v_3 25 July 2014

    The Education authorities have just fired a school principal for less virulent comments than those of Thembelane Dibate.

    Will the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance, which falls under the Gauteng department of education take any action? I very much doubt it as they took none against hard-core racists like Marius Fransman or Fatima Hajaig. In their book, ALL whites are racists and blacks, especially in the ZANC, cannot be racists.

  25. Asif Asif 28 July 2014

    Is there a difference between Judaism and Zionism? Are they at all related? And why was Uganda the initial land of choice?

    And what was Israel’s role in propping up Verwoed et al?

    I ask not to stir, but just to understand better.

    Disclosure: I support a single secular state solution where all people live in harmony.

  26. david saks david saks 28 July 2014

    Asif – in brief, Zionism in its modern incarnation as a national-political and largely secular movement is not synonymous with Judaism. However, it borrowed heavily from the Jewish religious tradition, where the importance of the Biblical Land of Israel and the ultimate goal of the Jewish return there are of central importance.
    Re Uganda (actually, Kenya), this was not the first choice for a Jewish homeland. It was briefly considered as a temporary alternative when the obstacles towards returning to Israel, then a part of the Ottoman Empire, appeared unsurpassable. (It was only the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I that changed the situation).
    Concerning Verwoerd, during his premiership (1958-1966), relations between Israel and SA were actually very bad, because of Israel’s opposition to apartheid in the United Nations and its support for various pan-African movements. The two countries gradually drifted together after 1973, after most African countries broke relations with Israel. It is an exaggeration to say that Israel ‘propped up’ the apartheid regime, though. Primarily, it was the resistance to sanctions of SA’s main trading partners, the UK and the US, that played a major part in the regime’s survival well into the 1980s.

  27. Terance Terance 31 July 2014

    The Israeli apologists amaze me? Saks, you forget that Israel are occupiers!!
    The Gaza Strip isn’t occupied by Israel
    Boston Globe: “Israeli-imposed buffer zones.. now absorb nearly 14 percent of Gaza’s total land and at least 48 percent of total arable land. Similarly, the sea buffer zone covers 85 percent of the maritime area promised to Palestinians in the Oslo Accords, reducing 20 nautical miles to three.” Human Rights Watch: “Israel also continues to control the population registry for residents of the Gaza Strip, years after it withdrew its ground forces and settlements there.” B’Tselem, 2013: “Israel continues to maintain exclusive control of Gaza’s airspace and the territorial waters, just as it has since it occupied the Gaza Strip in 1967.”
    Solomon Kumalo is right, even in Apartheids worst years, we never saw the likes of what the Palestinians have and are subjected to.
    Imagine if SADF surrounded So we to with artillery and blasted everyone, that Mirage jets were also used in the attacks. You are wrong Sacks. Your people are wrong, it amazes me that the Jews are so outspoken against any form of inequality and repression wherever they live in their adopted countries, but when it comes to the zionist state of Israel, they are mute, the justify, they become apologists for the inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people, which has carried on for far too long. Enough!!

  28. Terance Terance 31 July 2014

    The Myth that this current Gaza conflict began with Hamas rocket fire on 30 June 2014

    Times of Israel: “Hamas operatives were behind a large volley of rockets which slammed into Israel Monday morning, the first time in years the Islamist group has directly challenged the Jewish state, according to Israeli defense officials.. The security sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, assessed that Hamas had probably launched the barrage in revenge for an Israeli airstrike several hours earlier which killed one person and injured three more.. Hamas hasn’t fired rockets into Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense ended in November 2012.” The Nation: “During ten days of Operation Brother’s Keeper in the West Bank [before the start of the Gaza conflict], Israel arrested approximately 800 Palestinians without charge or trial, killed nine civilians and raided nearly 1,300 residential, commercial and public buildings. Its military operation targeted Hamas members released during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange in 2011.”
    Just to clear up some misinformation that is rife in your comments section;
    Hamas (as the ANC was) are freedom fighters, white South Africa branded them terrorists, which was accepted as long as we had support from the West.
    Genocide of Palestinians, the fa this that what is happening to the Palestinians is genocide. Israel is trying to make life unbearable for the Palestinians, in the hope that they would just leave,

  29. theinbetween theinbetween 31 July 2014

    The point David Saks is making that the people quoted above are not your average South African. They hold a government position, this gives them some power and influence over others. As such it could be argued that by making the statements they did on social media they’ve violated our hate speech laws. “In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action” in this case against an ethnic and religious minority in SA. This kind of speech coming from political office bearers is not harmless, it subjugates.

  30. @nateiv_sa @nateiv_sa 31 July 2014

    The worst thing you can do right now is to be anti-semitic. You may as well renounce theism, if you haven’t done it already.

    Black & Proud Israel supporter.

  31. Rodney Rodney 31 July 2014

    Some of the Hamas supporting responses make the cardinal error of finding equivalence of blame in the Gaza conflict, with more than a tad leaning towards Israel in the blame stakes. They totally ignore the fact that Israel has for the past 66-years already made the hard compromises in search of peace; the Palestinians in this time have not only given nothing, but have thrown out every overture that Israel has made for that happy outcome. The question to answer is, what must Israel still do that it has not already done in order to find peace?
    What do groups like Hamas and, seeing we are talking about it, let’s include ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Qaeda, want? They want to impose their religious views on the rest of humanity. They want to stifle every freedom that secular people care about. When compared to what Israel wants this is not a trivial difference. And yet judging by the level of condemnation that Israel now receives, you would think the difference ran the other way.
    This kind of confusion puts all of us in danger. This is the great story of our time. For the rest of our lives, and the lives of our children, we are going to be confronted by people who don’t want to live
    peacefully in a secular, pluralistic world. The truth is, we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realised it yet.

  32. Rodney Rodney 31 July 2014

    Peace in the Middle East is actually quite easy to achieve. Just three small things need to happen to stop the fighting tomorrow and bring about mutual cooperation, economic growth and prosperity for all:
    1. Stop indoctrinating children from as young as five to hate Israel and Jews.
    2. Repeal the shameful 3-Nos instituted in 1967 of No negotiation, No peace and No recognition of Israel, and,
    3. Revoke the infamous Hamas charter that vilifies Jews and commits to their, and Israel’s destruction.
    Doing these simple things will elicit a positive response from Israel and the world and open the road to a resolution of the conflict.

  33. Derek Derek 1 August 2014

    The lady stating that the Israeli/ Palesinian problem has nothing to do with S.Africa is so true.
    SA has enough to deal with, so don t waste energy and effort which could be used to better SA.
    And this applies to many countries.

  34. RJkatz RJkatz 5 August 2014

    The anti-Semitism displayed in various comments is boring since it has always existed. The only difference is that it has surfaced under the pretext of alleged Jewish or Zionist (you can choose) atrocities. Well, in their defense, if that is true then we should call out the Syrians slaughter of Palestinians or the mass expulsion of Christians in Iraq, or the slaughter of Christians by Boko Haram in Nigeria, or how about the pogrom against gays in Iran. I could go on and on.

    But because Jews are defending themselves and because Hamas puts their own population in harms way, Jews are the villains. The real problem for the world is that Jews aren’t going to take crap from anyone anymore and when they are threatened they will kill their antagonists as they should.

    What the makes the world angry is that Jews won’t roll over and die.

  35. Kashim Kashim 17 October 2014

    As a Muslim it make me happy to see South Africa wakes up to the Isreali-Zionist threat. Hatred of Jews is not a racism because Jewish is a religion not a race and so it follows that we must fight against this basis of Zionism which is nothing but a hatred of mankind. Jews in South Africa move money to Israel and South Africa stays poor despite freedom, until South Africa takes power from the Zionists the country cannot made progress!!

    Why does Palestine must sacrifice for peace – when someone stole your car, do you sacrifice and compromise with a thief?

  36. arthur arthur 4 November 2014

    What silliness is this ? A country defending it’s right to exist is sacrificed on the altar of politically correctness whilst the massacres perpetrated by isis et al are glossed over …unbelievable

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