South Africa Is Not Well
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Black people are angry. White people are angry. Indian people are angry. Coloured people are angry. Chinese people are angry. It would seem that South Africans of all races are angry. There is so much hate and hatred welling up inside each South African, that at a moment’s notice anyone could tweet a harshly worded disagreement.

Blacks accuse Whites of being privileged beneficiaries of an exploitative system that stole from them. Blacks claim to be owed by Whites for colonialism and apartheid. Blacks claim to be entitled to the proceeds of the corruption and looting that is a feature of the profligate abuse of power endemic to the African National Congress and its allies. Blacks contend that even Blacks born after 1990 and after 1994 are entitled to compensation for colonialism and apartheid. Furthermore Blacks claim that even Whites born after 1990 and after 1994 are guilty of the crimes against humanity that were colonialism and apartheid.

Whites counter that Blacks are sore losers having been defeated in war, and that the Blacks when given the opportunity of Homelands did not make a success of them, and when given the opportunity to govern South Africa have in fact ruined South Africa with one failed policy after another. Whites contend that Blacks are lazy and stupid and are in fact incapable of sophistication or of being decolonized or uncolonized. Whites deny the peddlers of Whiteguilt their entitlement to trade as they vehemently stalk ground further right and further in extremity, leaving Blacks to phish around for what are arguably strawmen and fallacies.

The hate and hatred is so severe that without thought the woke left, alt right, react left and doos right (all of which are prominent semi-ethnic groupings in South Africa) will harangue and accost unsuspecting tweeters with abuse aimed squarely at scoring cheap points in South Africa’s volatile market for racial slurs. The flow is worse that the sewage in the gutter as encountered by John Steenhuisen during his Real SONA Tour 2020, which led him to complain bitterly of the ANC’s maladministration and corruption. A surprising utterance from the leader of the opposition indeed, given the convivial nature of South African politics.

Perhaps that is where the hate and hatred start. In parliament. With the ANC fumbling and make empty promises and stupid excuses, while the EFF heckle and abuse and the other opposition parties bleat to one standing line or the other. Not the Democratic Alliance. No indeed. At every turn every DA parliamentarian is on their feet to condemn the ANC and its allies. Corrupt. Incompetent. Dishonest. Stupid. Evasive. Compromised. The DA has accused the ANC of being all of that and more. The DA itself peddles Blackguilt without shame, demanding that the ANC take responsibility for the ruin it has wrought on South Africa, while the arch peddlers of Whiteguilt the ANC throw out cavalier statements about White Monopoly Capital, National Health Insurance and Expropriation Without Compensation. This is the coal face of the hate and hatred.

The ANC cannot abide the DA’s greater wisdom. The DA cannot abide the ANC’s latent corruption. The EFF is a mewling brat with thuggish tendencies hurling venom at both sides, while the other opposition parties repose after luncheons. This is where the language starts. The language of hate and hatred. The language of entitlement and victimhood. The language of great solutions and virtual propitiations. The language of division and discord. The seeds of that division and discord were engineered between 1990 and 1992, they were sown at CODESA, they were tended between 1993 and 1996, and the crops they became were harvested in 1999. We went from White supremacy to mediated nationalism to Black supremacy in the space of 10 years.

Today, young people who had nothing to do with enforcing apartheid and/or resisting apartheid, squabble in public, like ill-mannered siblings accusing each other of surreptitiously eating the family’s tea cake, trading insults and swapping conjecture as though it were the done thing. They will tell you that they who have no reason to hate Blacks, do in fact hate Blacks and blame Blacks for everything that has gone wrong in South Africa, and they will tell you that they who have no reason to hate Whites, do in fact hate Whites and blame Whites for everything that happened previously in South Africa.

If it sounds like soap-opera it’s because it is. It’s a soap-opera that blends the worst of the American kind with the trashiness of the British kind with the cheapest of the Nigerian kind and delivers it packaged for South Africa. Hate thy neighbor for having more than you and while you’re at it hate yourself for not being good enough, then blame the past and demand compensation, failing which demand a freeride. That’s where we are as South Africa. Hate and Hatred rule the roost. The youth in despair will cling to the promise of free, cheap and easy. The elderly, insulted each month by the paucity of their old age pensions, will demand that the youth get something, whatever it is.

Notwithstanding all of this, the fact remains that the hate and hatred is there and is there because it has a purpose. That purpose is to destroy South Africa. Not for the Blacks, not for the Whites, not for the Indians, not for the Coloureds and not for the Chinese. For the enemies of South Africa. The enemies of South Africa who would see South Africa ruined so that they can buy up the pieces and wreckage on the cheap and take control of an opportunity-starved populace that, having ruined South Africa with demands for free, cheap and easy, will be willing to work for free, on the cheap and on easy terms. This will see the recolonization of South Africa. A puppet government and an unrepayable national debt with all of the resources and assets gone. Who will the colonizers be? We know them already: the Nigerians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Indians and the Brazilians.

At present the ANC is gambling South Africa into ruin, while chasing an unachievable pipe dream of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Why? Simple. As per the evidence of Idris Seck to Avishkar Govender:

  1. The ANC led RSA syndicate is indebted to the Chinese
  2. The ANC led RSA syndicate is running away from its previous creditors
  3. The ANC led RSA syndicate stole with the Russians and didn’t dissolve and refloat its republic
  4. The ANC led RSA syndicate is operated by MK which is itself a bankrupt Nigerian drug and crime syndicate
  5. The ANC led RSA syndicate accepted help from the Irish and didn’t pay the Irish
  6. The ANC led RSA syndicate is stupid, arrogant, bankrupt, envious, lazy, asinine and hateful – already beholden to Nigeria, Russia, China, India and Brazil

The solution to this problem of hate and hatred as perpetuating the ruin, as a consequence of the political, moral and financial bankruptcy of the ANC led RSA syndicate (that’s a fancy way of saying ANC Government of RSA) is also quite simple. Resign. Dissolve parliament. Hold elections. ANC does not contest elections. New government is installed. 25 years of ANC led corruption is halted to make way for the next lot. The DA can pay, pray and play all over the world. The DA can do business anywhere with anyone. The DA is not bound and limited in the same way that the ANC-MK or EFF-BLF syndicates are. The DA has me. The ANC-MK and EFF-BLF syndicates do not. But let’s be honest, Nigeria, Russia, China, India and Brazil are businesses that are owned. Telling them to ditch the ANC led RSA syndicate is not difficult. It won’t even cost anything.

We have two options given as how we are consumed with hate and hatred. The first is wait out the ruin. Let the people see how stupid the ANC-MK is and let the South Africans remove the ANC-MK from office. Given that the EFF-BLF will support EWC and that EWC will be the final nail in South Africa’s coffin, the South Africans won’t put the EFF-BLF into office instead. No, if we wait out the ruin, the DA will be elected to clean up the mess and fix the problems. This will forestall the recolonization of South Africa which will only happen if the ANC continues to govern past the ruin. The second is a military coup d’ tat that unseats the ANC-MK and EFF-BLF before the ruin. That is once EWC is enacted, get rid of the enactors and enforce the redistribution of land by force. This will take South Africa in a different direction, ruled as a proxy state for the new colonial powers of Nigeria, Russia, China, India and Brazil. The DA will still be the opposition, hopefully appealing to all South Africa. The military rule will give way to a civilian government that will carry on the good work of the military leaders. In essence the MK-SANDF and SANDF-MK will overthrow ANC-MK and EFF-BLF establishing a channel through which Nigeria, Russia, China, India and Brazil will be able to exploit South Africa.

Alternative to all of this is abandon the hate and hatred. Stop being the willing tools of the enemies of South Africa. Give up the Whiteguilt. Give up the Blackguilt. Surrender the claims about WMC. Ditch the NHI. Do not do EWC. Get rid of the culture of entitlement. Institute a practical policy of equal opportunity. Stop making Blacks feel guilty about being “coconuts”. Stop making Whites feel guilty about being “kaffirboeties”. For God’s sake cease and desist with the insulting and hateful rhetoric from South Africa’s leaders – set a better example. Deconstruct and critique the arguments for and/or against colonialism and apartheid, and while doing so deconstruct and critique the arguments for and/or against the decolonization and uncolonisation of the minds of all South Africans. Actually make an effort to be new South Africans.

The government doesn’t need EWC to release government owned land for development. The government doesn’t need NHI to improve the services of the public health sector. The government doesn’t need to chase the ghost of WMC to enable banks to lend money cheaply, without collateral, so as to enable entrepreneurship and home-ownership. Definitely the government doesn’t need to use bankrupt gambling, drug, drinking, womanizing and money problems as the basis for its operation, or its dealings for and on behalf of the ANC led RSA syndicate. Most of all the government doesn’t need psychotic repetition and/or united syndicates for its organization, or its functions for and on behalf of the ANC led RSA syndicate. Yes, electing the DA to power and into office will solve the problem completely, because I pay for the DA and will never stop paying for the DA. No, I am never going to pay for the ANC-MK and/or EFF-BLF so they will never not be bankrupt. Finally South Africa has to choose. 30 years ago South Africa started saying goodbye to the National Party, finally bidding farewell to it in 1994. Today South Africa needs to start saying goodbye to the ANC, and bid it a final farewell from your cities and towns in 2021 and from your provinces, nation, country and state in 2024. Stop the nonsense. Stop the ruin. After 30 years of corruption, the corruption cannot be allowed to continue.

Only then will the hate and hatred subside, ushering in the new South Africa that we were promised 30 years ago.

South Africa Can Be Saved



Avishkar Govender

Avishkar Govender is the Chief Political Officer of MicroGene.

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