Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen

Amandla — the magazine

The broader left is seeing a revival in new forms of organisations, and in proposing alternatives in a complex world. A good reflection of this revival is Amandla — a new left South African magazine.

As the website progresses I hope we will be able to claim the site as a “lefty” site that embraces Web 2.0 (the site is still in development, the editors tell me). The perspective of the magazine is be accessible, so if you have never read a Marxist classic or cannot tell your dialectical from your materialism, do not worry. This is an attempt at engagement and debate without jargon, and with practical outcomes intended.

(Some highlights in the second issue include a very interesting perspective on service-delivery protests, the developmental-state debate and critical reviews of Ronald Suresh Roberts’s book on President Mbeki.) Check it out here. Just remember not to forget your rose-coloured glasses.