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Deconstructing ‘sugar daddies’

Mpho, who lives in Alex, tells me how “sugar daddies” hit the townships on weekends in their smart cars. They cruise the streets looking for young flesh. One thing the sugar daddies rely on is the teenage hunger for bling-bling. They know that teenagers crave to feel they are part of the world of glamour and beauty and parties and are influenced by the consumerism they are exposed to in soapies and adverts. In cash-strapped township homes one way for young girls to access bling is through sugar daddies.

“Even girls who are not from poor homes sometimes take on the sugar daddies because they want more bling,” says Mpho. “And of course there are many girls who do not go for sugar daddies too … but it is scary how many do. It is expensive to be fashionable.”

Sugar daddies know all of this. They go to ATMs before they cruise the townships. They tell their wives they have meetings. They kiss their own teenage daughters goodbye and then they go to their teenage lovers. They buy them clothes, they give them money for hair weaves. They buy them the latest cellphones.

All she has to do is open her legs.

She can be anything from 13 to 16 years old and sometimes even below the age of 13. In this world your 17th birthday can mean you are traded in for someone younger.

“I watch them on weekends. They cruise the streets looking for young girls. They call us over to their cars and flash their money at us. They offer us drinks and call us sweetie. They give us lifts, buy us KFC — then they want a kiss. From there it just gets more and more — sex for cellphones and clothes and lip gloss and hair weaves. When a man cruises by and calls me sweetie I swear at him. I ask him if his wife knows where he is. I ask him if he would sleep with his own daughters or granddaughters. That usually sees him driving away or calling me a rubbish.”

“I also don’t have money for clothes and cellphones … but I would rather go without. I don’t want these dirty old men anywhere near me. But I am lucky — I am a feminist. I know my worth. There are so many girls who do not and I spend my time talking to these girls and even following sugar daddies — taking their number plates. I’m a sugar daddy vigilante,” she laughs.

Just recently the minister of health released the statistics of HIV prevalence in schoolgirls. It’s a whopping 12.7% compared to 4% of schoolboys. Some of these girls are as young as 10.

According to the minister this means young girls are not sleeping with young boys — they are sleeping with older men. He went as far as to say that “we must take a stand against sugar daddies because they are destroying our children”.

He also revealed that 94 000 schoolgirls fell pregnant in South Africa in 2011, with about 77 000 having abortions at public facilities.

“Sugar daddies do not use condoms,” says Mpho. “A girl of 11 or even 14 cannot negotiate with him. He has all the power. Some sugar daddies will slap and punch young girls who challenge them. These are the stories I hear from girls around Alex.”

“Also, many mothers turn a blind eye to their daughters getting stuff. Sugar daddies bring in that little bit of extra money. We are suffering in Alex. Some of my friends live only on grants — they need that little extra.”

Mpho tells me of one young girl that she heard about who hung out at taverns. She was passed around a group of sugar daddies. “That was pornography if you know what I mean. They used her like a child sex slave.”

As I listen to Mpho I remember when I was a young teenager how many older men had preyed on my friends and me. From the managers in the supermarket I worked at after school, to men at gyms or friends of the family to men just driving past. Teenagers are irresistible to a certain type of man. We called them perverts, though one or two of my friends did succumb to seduction and called them sugar daddies.

It occurs to me just how problematic the term ”sugar daddy” is. It conjures up glamorised, old style movie images. It has a sweet ring to it. What we are talking about is paedophiles. We are talking about statutory rape. We are talking about child sex rings and sexual perverts.

”Sugar daddy” just does not cut it as a description for what these young girls are really exposed to.

If the minister of health is serious about stopping the sugar daddies preying on our children then he must call it what it is and these men must be jailed for sleeping with underage girls. These men must be charged for sleeping with underage girls.

That so many young girls are vulnerable to sexual exploitation is also a societal problem and it needs to be tackled as such. Let’s start with television programmes such as Generations, which show unrealistic glamorous lifestyles that are incongruous with the average low-income homes. This builds consumerist aspirations in children. They want what they are sold in advertising and soapie culture and many are unable to access that.

Let’s also look to a government that is not creating jobs, that is not keeping social grants on a par with price hikes — the list could go on.

It does not matter how much moralising we do about behaviour or parenting — until this issue is dealt with in the context of socioeconomic justice and the judicial system we will continue to see a rise in teenage HIV rates and child pregnancies in South Africa.

In the meantime we need more anti-sugar daddy activists like Mpho. We need to deconstruct the sugar daddy in school programmes so that young girls can understand the potential destruction of their lives through these exploitative relationships with men old enough to be their father or grandfather.

“Townships cannot continue to be used by sugar daddy paedophiles as bargain supermarkets for young flesh,” says Mpho.


  • Feminist, filmmaker, writer, poet, activist and author, Gillian Schutte has a degree in African politics, an MA in Creative Writing and a Film Director's qualification from the Binger Institute, Netherlands. Winner of the Award of Excellence for her documentary entry to the Society for Visual Anthropology Festival in Washington, 2005, and author of the novel After Just Now -- Schutte fearlessly and creatively tackles issues of race, identity, sexuality and social justice in her multimedia work. She is founding member of Media for Justice co-owner of handHeld Films. and co producer of the online Reality TV series The Schutte Singiswas'.


  1. Indeed Indeed 20 March 2013

    Seems like a good blog – and wisely notes that not only the sleazy sugar daddies but also the bling driven young grls who lead them on are not exactly moral or virtuous.

  2. Granny Weatherwax Granny Weatherwax 20 March 2013

    I couldn’t agree more – this needs to be shouted from the rooftops; and acted upon. But somehow I don’t see our overtly patriarchal society (and leaders) doing much about this. If they sleep well at night without doing anything to alleviate the poverty around them – or worse, through corruption, actually contribute to that poverty – why should they feel moved to protect young girls and prosecute those that prey on them? This is not an easy fix; it’s going to take some brave, hard-working visionaries to tackle it. What a pity these are in such short supply in South Africa.

  3. Dave Harris Dave Harris 20 March 2013

    Gillian, I generally enjoy your blogs but I find this blog to be extremely biased and ill-thought out.

    Rich older men engaging in relationships with young, usually economically disadvantaged women, is a phenomenon that been around since the beginning of time and pervasive in cultures throughout the world. Conflating pedophilia criminality with these relationships simply destroys the conversation and stigmatizes people who engage in inter-generational relationships as potential criminals! Remember, pedophilia is a serious crime that not only carries hefty prison terms but brands the person a lifelong criminal – an outcast for life!

    Do you honestly believe that this insidious stereotyping of older men – younger women, and to a lesser extent older women – younger men, as pedophiles, sugar daddies, cougars etc will end this very real desire that’s an intrinsic part of human nature?! Actually, societal pressure simply pushes this behavior beneath the surface giving rise to an even more insidious exploitation e.g. criminalizing prostitution generates enormous profits to underworld of human trafficking.

    We need to honestly admit that in our society, the elephant in the room is really the the Aids epidemic and its accompanying myths e.g. a certain element of our society who believe that having sex with young girls cures Aids!!!

  4. Dave Harris Dave Harris 20 March 2013

    So rather than using these scare/bullying tactics, lets speak about the underlying cause of this phenomenon, Aids misinformation, structural poverty, sexual taboos, dysfunctional family dynamics etc. that push poor young girls into the arms of older wealthy men.

  5. Daniel Berti Daniel Berti 20 March 2013

    Nice piece.
    I suspect that, for the most part, the wrong demographic is going to be reading it though.

  6. Just a thought Just a thought 20 March 2013

    It’s not as cut and dry as that. It’s easy to call for the minister to lock away these paedophiles, which is correct. But the police don’t have divining rods that point out these offenders. The communities who don’t know who is involved in the gang violence”, who don’t know who steals electricity or don’t know who murdered who need to change their tune, step up and start contributing to the solution. South Africans have a happy knack of turng a blind eye so the problem will never be solved until all paedophiles are physically not welcome or tolerated.

  7. bernpm bernpm 20 March 2013

    I am not familiar with these communities that allow these girls to do what they do.
    As you describe it: the men in their blink cars are just (but with a purpose) passers by. picking up their prey.

    The rest happens behind closed doors. With or without consent or cooperation.
    How to fight it?
    Firstly, call it by its real name: prostitution and tell the girls they have set the first steps on becoming a prostitute. It might hurt a 12 year old but at 20 she might just feel happy that she was warned in time.
    Teach the community to use that word when they know the girl is doing this.

    In the same time legislate prostitution. This will allow men to go where it is safe for them to let off steam with the prostitute of their choice in safety for both parties.

    Legislated prostitution allows for regulation and control of a business that will never go away. It also offers a form of protection and guidance to the workers in this profession.

    This might just reduce the current practice

    There is a lot more to say on the subject but ….I am just waiting for the bricks aiming for my head. Truth hurts!

  8. manquat manquat 21 March 2013

    There are two things that the government can do. Firstly, try to catch the culprits. If it’s easy for these guys to be caught then they wouldn’t do what they do.
    So there has to be mechanisms in place to catch the guys.
    Secondly, once they’ve caught them there needs to be huge punishment attached to the crimes they’ve committed.
    South Korea is an excellent example of this. Firstly, land mass is relatively small and cctv cameras are everywhere, so there are no places for these predators to hide. The likelihood of being caught is so high, so the criminal doesn’t act out the crime. Secondly,if the criminal is caught in South Korea, the punishment that the offender faces in really severe. I in yesterday’s newspaper that they were actually implementing chemical castration on the criminal, so that he doesn’t rape again.
    Also the perpertrator has to wear a bracelet around their leg at all times so that the cops always know where they are.

  9. Just saying... Just saying... 21 March 2013

    Aw, this is so sad. How desperate these poor girls must be.

    I hope the health minister is able to set up some kind of protection unit (not affiliated with police because many of them are guilty of this crime too) that can bring these paedophiles to justice and maybe work with the girls, and help them regain their self worth.

  10. Isabella Van Der Westhuizen Isabella Van Der Westhuizen 21 March 2013


  11. Values- Values- 21 March 2013

    Its about values at the end of the day. I grew up poor – no bling bling , makeup and so on. It didn’t make me feel any less feminine. Luckily I had a father who warned me about men who doled out gifts – there was always a quid pro quo he asserted. As a result we we not allowed to accept any gifts from men, such as clothing or jewelry..Question is what kind of parenting doesn’t warn and protect their own offspring against these disgusting creatures – can’t call them men.How can one compare lipgloss to hunger.These kids aren’t starving. They just want what they can’t afford and that is a story as old as time. How about teaching all of us that we should live withing our means?. We are failing terribly as parents.

  12. Jon Story Jon Story 21 March 2013

    ‘They must be charged with paedophilia and statutory rape.’

    And then be castrated. But of course that is against human rights and the constitution. And against our civilised stand on crime.

    It is an age old problem, the world over. We can do all the handwringing we like but I am afraid that these men are not impressed by it. They do some time get out and start all over again.

  13. hilbert hilbert 21 March 2013

    indeed, a large percentage of the human population needs to be educated the difference between two adults having a relationship and that of an adult and a child. But I won’t get my hopes up, humans are having too much fun ripping each others hearts out.

  14. Jan Swart Jan Swart 21 March 2013

    1. Paedophilia is not a criminal offence and one cannot be arrested for it. One CAN, however, be arrested for sex crimes against children. Most paedophiles never offend against children, and most child sex offenders are not paedophiles.
    2. ‘Statutory rape’ as a crime does not exist. All forms of rape are ‘statutory’, as they are no longer dealt with under the common law (unless committed before 16 December 2007). They are dealt with by under a statute.

  15. MrK MrK 22 March 2013

    ” Just recently the minister of health released the statistics of HIV prevalence in schoolgirls. It’s a whopping 28% compared to 4% of schoolboys. Some of these girls are as young as 10. ”

    I have done some deconstructing of my own.

    The Minister is relying on the long debunked Ante-Natal Clinic Surveys.

    These surveys of (pregnant) women only, consistently show much higher infection rates than the Demographic and Health Surveys.

    This has been known for a long time. However, for the Minister to take these faulty data, and then start hypothesizing about ‘sugar daddies’ as the explanation is malpractice, to say the least.

    ANCs tend toward high false positive rates, and high true positive rates, because the subset of the population is not representative for the general population. Also, there is something about pregnancy that makes women test false positive on a single ELISA test (usually for P24, sometimes P55 of the virus).

    How AIDS in Africa Was Overstated
    Reliance on Data From Urban Prenatal Clinics Skewed Early Projections
    By Craig Timberg
    Washington Post Foreign Service
    Thursday, April 6, 2006; Page A01

    This is what explains the high rate of women testing positive and false positive on these surveys.

  16. MrK MrK 22 March 2013

    On the other hand, the Demographic and Health Surveys use a much larger population sample, that is representative of the general population. As a result, their HIV prevalence rates are consistently much lower.

    For the DRC, whose first DHS was conducted in 2007, the following was found:

    ” According to the EDS-RDC, 1.3 percent of the population age 15-49 years is HIV-positive. The prevalence is 1.6 percent for women and 0.9 percent for men. ”

    Don’t belief the hype – first closely examine and then believe the data.

  17. Lesego Boikanyo Lesego Boikanyo 22 March 2013

    Interesting piece Gillian, however, I think the problem is much deeper than what most of us would like to think. Our socila problems as a country have much to do with the erosion of the family as a basic unit that builds society. If we start by fixing this, we are halfway through in solving the sugar daddy phenomenon. In this time high HIV infections, society needs to educate and empower girl children. An empowered mind has better decision making abilities so yes, lets fix our faamilies, communities and society.

  18. pongoland pongoland 22 March 2013

    The consumerist culture is ingrained in our economic system – no consumer demand, no private sector jobs, no profits, no taxes, no public services.

    We need a revolution to change that. In the meantime, I agree, jail these perverts.

    What is Mpho doing with the registration numbers she collects? You don’t say.

  19. pongoland pongoland 22 March 2013

    @ David Harris

    On the one hand, you admit these relationships are a result of gross inequalities, on the other, you defend them as “a very real desire that’s an intrinsic part of human nature”.

    There are lot of “intrinsic parts of human nature” which need to be overcome if we are to create healthy, egalitarian societies. Exploiting children is one of them.

  20. Sipho Sipho 22 March 2013

    Me thinks the problem is nitpicking. I have seen grown up men and women on the chairs at beauty contests watching girls in body hugging outfits prancing around the stage. Surely we can’t divorce this “innocent” interest in the bodies of young girls during beauty contest and the desire to access them at a later stage even it means it’s not the same bodies. Me thinks any person who has achieved the age of consent has a right to engage in a relationship with whomever they choose. Let’s not collate the crime of sleeping with under age girls, with older men sleeping with younger girls of consenting age. Most relationships are based on power relations which maybe economical, prestige, beauty …

  21. The Creator The Creator 22 March 2013

    I doubt that sugar-daddies focus predominantly on under-18 girls. Over-18 girls are just as eager for a bit of cash as under-18s.

    The fact that this entire article is based on the anecdotal evidence of one person combined with the testimony of one of Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet ministers makes me feel it’s a bit below the author’s usual standard.

  22. MrK MrK 22 March 2013

    The Creator,

    ” The fact that this entire article is based on the anecdotal evidence of one person combined with the testimony of one of Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet ministers makes me feel it’s a bit below the author’s usual standard. ”

    Not only that, but the original article the BBC posted did not even include the survey this allegation of ‘28% of schoolgirls are HIV positive’ nonsense (and it is nonsense) is based on.

    I will repeat it again – antenatal clinic surveys are based on a single ELISA test per sample, which means that false positives are not screened out. Combine that with using it on young sexually active women who have been pregnant before, and you are begging for huge positive rates.

    Make no mistake – this is malpractice, and it is intended to start rolling out huge numbers of ARVs. It is all about money, not public health. In fact public health is the last of their concerns – because they can always blame the effects of AIDS for the effects of their chemo pills on large numbers of the population.

    So let’s get the data right first.

    And by the way, blaming ‘sugar daddies’, even if it comes from a Black minister, is just as pandering to racist stereotypes as blaming the otherwise inexplicable babies testing positive when their parents test negative, on old men sneaking in and hoping they can ‘cure HIV’ by having sex with virgins.

    They are all forms of special pleading.

  23. Karney Karney 22 March 2013

    Well well, I didn’t think I would ever see Dave Harris and Dave Bullard on the same side of the fence. Both of you arguing that ” sugar daddies ” and paedophilia can’t be conflated.

  24. Sterling Ferguson Sterling Ferguson 22 March 2013

    @Creator, the Zulu king is near sixty years old and took a fourteen year old as a wife. Do you think he is a sugar daddy?

  25. Ubuntu be Afrika Ubuntu be Afrika 23 March 2013

    ANC and many of its tripartite alliance do not care about such issues. They themselves form part of this sugar-daddies syndrome. Go to their VIP spots and then you will see what type of old girls are their snacks. You see a big stomached man with this tiny lady and then you realise it’s ANC’s tenderpreneurs and BEE cronies. What is worse is when one of their comrades dies suspeciously, they are quick to silence any expression that it is AIDS. They know very well that their comrades are preying of poor girls from townships and rural areas using taxpayers’ money they stole. It is this ANC and its cronies that have inspired the so called zikhothana groups – a lifestyle of false bling and opulence. These youngsters see this from TV, music videos and parties attended or hosted by these bling-bling thugs. ANC should ensure that all music videos showing substances being used / flashed around or girls acting unwomen like or music with lyrics that are not about social cohesion or nation building. Instead they jive to these tunes. Check the many recent music videos, e.g. Via Orlando, etc. SA has degenerated to hell and even serial rapists or paediphiles are feasting easily because the governing power is not discouraging this immorability that is consuming society.
    And we call ourselves civilised; ga-sies… our ancestors were better then us and more wise and civilised than us. We are a dying nation, a nation in turmoil and one day we will implode. Mzansi what happened to this us?

  26. Fonebone Fonebone 23 March 2013

    Your point regarding limitations of screening a sub population and then extrapolating to the total population is taken. They are also well laid out in the published study you have cited .
    I am more curious about your claim about false positives, especiallly regarding FP of the ELISA in pregnacy: please provide citation. Can you also please cite the sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA test used in the HIV screening study so the actual margin of error can be calculated?
    You say the minister is relying on data from ANCs surveys. I am not saying I believe the minister any more than you do, but how then do you explain the inclusion of schoolboys if that were the case?

  27. MrK MrK 23 March 2013


    Excellent questions, and I hope I can answer them all.

    ” I am more curious about your claim about false positives, especiallly regarding FP of the ELISA in pregnacy: please provide citation. ”

    My claim is based on two indirect sources of information, one the anecdotal article in The Body, and one the reported difference in results from the Antenatal Clinic Surveys (pregnant women only) and Demographic and Health Surveys (a large and representative sample of the general population – men, women, children, all ages, all regions of the country, rural and urban), reported on in two articles, one in the Boston Globe in 2004 and again in the Washington Post, in 2006.

    (Boston Globe, 2004) Estimates on HIV called too high
    New data cut rates for many nations
    By John Donnelly, Globe Staff | June 20, 2004

    (Washington Post, 2006) How AIDS in Africa Was Overstated
    Reliance on Data From Urban Prenatal Clinics Skewed Early Projections
    By Craig Timberg
    Thursday, April 6, 2006; Page A01

  28. MrK MrK 23 March 2013

    (Continued 1…) On women who have been pregnant previously, testing false positive for HIV:

    From dr. Robert J. Frascino, MD on The Body:

    ” 1. No, there is nothing wrong with you or the women in your family. It’s primarily a limitation of the testing assay that picks up cross-reacting proteins that can occur in women who are or who have been pregnant. These cross-reacting proteins cause the HIV-antibody test to read positive or indeterminate (in the case of some Western Blots), even though the person is HIV negative. That’s why we call it a “false-positive”. Other tests can easily and definitively differentiate a true- from a false-positive (see below). ”

    Quantification is a different thing, but the difference in results from ANC vs DHS is remarkable.

    On how a baby testing HIV positive on an ELISA in the first 18 months after birth does not mean that the baby is HIV positive, from The Body, again from dr. Robert J. Frascino:

    ” HIV DNA PCR is used rather than ELISA (antibody tests) because maternal anti-HIV antibodies can cross the placenta and consequently, infants born to HIV-positive moms can have positive ELISA and Western Blot tests even though these infants are themselves HIV-negative. Maternally derived antibodies can persist for up to 18 months. ”

  29. MrK MrK 23 March 2013

    (Continued 2…) It all comes down to the fact that these tests do not test for the whole virus, but for bits and pieces of the virus. Hence, an ELISA screening test that tests for P24 of the HIV virus can test false positive because of the presence of antibodies to the virus.

    ” Can you also please cite the sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA test used in the HIV screening study so the actual margin of error can be calculated? ”

    The sensitivity and specificity of individual tests is different than when they are used in concert. What I can say about the WHO, is that when the ELISA tests show different rates of positives, it recommends using different testing procedures. They have 3 strategies, Strategy I, II, and III. The strategy used in surveys where more than 10% of tests are positive, they recommend Strategy I:

    ” Strategy I – All serum/plasma is tested with one ELISA or simple/ rapid assay. Serum that is reactive is considered HIV antibody positive. Serum that is non-reactive is considered HIV antibody negative. ”

    And that’s where the problem comes in. No confirmation testing, no Western Blot (which tests for all 9 proteins, not just P24 or P55). For all 3 strategies, check out:

    See Table 2, surveillance >10% – Strategy I

  30. MrK MrK 23 March 2013

    (Continued 3…) ” You say the minister is relying on data from ANCs surveys. I am not saying I believe the minister any more than you do, but how then do you explain the inclusion of schoolboys if that were the case? ”

    The data on girls must be from the ANC survey listed above, and the data for boys (there are no boys in the ANC survey) from the 2011 Census – I presume. They have to be from two different survey types – and that is a big reason for the disparity in HIV rates.

    I don’t know for certain, because (a usual) the BBC article doesn’t say.

  31. Max Max 23 March 2013

    Every guy wants to feel like King Mswati or Jacob Zuma once in a while.

  32. Momma Cyndi Momma Cyndi 24 March 2013

    To blame it purely on economics is to miss the point entirely. Many young women are dirt broke but not many of them are prostitutes. The difference between having no money and being ‘poor’ is dignity (or the lack thereof).

    Dirty old men preying on children should be prosecuted. Their faces should be plastered on the front pages of newspapers and their backsides should be plonked in prison cells. Unfortunately, there is only one known cure for paediophilia but our government is against the death sentence

    Part of the problem is that talking about sex is taboo in all of SA cultures. It is something we just don’t do. As a result, our children don’t even know how to react to situations they find themselves in. The other part is that a double x chromosome in SA automatically makes you a non-human object and a y chromosome automatically makes you an authority that is beyond contestation.

  33. Solitoliquido Solitoliquido 25 March 2013

    This is an interesting article indeed; but it simplifies the situation a bit.

    There are also ‘sugar mommies’ (euphemistically called ‘cougars’) and, even worse, sugar daddies who target boys – not sure what they’re called. There are even group of older ladies who, as friends, would scheme to ‘entertain’ younger boys, in exchange, ostensibly, for better sex than they get from their older husbands / lovers who tire after one round.

    In the same way that many young girls in the townships want bling in order to ‘belong’, the same applies to many young men / boys. Those of them who will not do crime in order to acess money will happily / reluctantly fall into the arms of older men who will sleep with them in exchange for money, use of their cars and other sweeteners. These boys aren’t necessarily gay, but they need the money in order to impress girls and their sexual favours. They are also a conduite for the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

    These things aren’t as straightforward as they seem!


  34. Tofolux Tofolux 27 March 2013

    @Mr K, what hogwash, are u serious?
    @Ubunt woéva Af, can you think outside the box?
    @mocync, your veiled insult is ludicrous.

    @Gillian, if the point is that men sleep with underage girls and we all accept that this is rape then why is society so quiet about this issue? Also, why is this issue of rape not paramount especially coupled with education even at school level as to how to proceed to lay charges against the perpetrator even if the complainant is not the person who is not lured into this act? We all agree that some parents and their conduct is hugely problematic and this is evidenced in education as eg. This requires thorough investigation and attention because the consequence of their weakness spells danger going forward.

  35. MrK MrK 27 March 2013

    @Tofoflux, – sorry for making your head hurt with information.

    I understand that is much easier to talk about ‘sugar daddies’ and not have to do math, which is, like, hard?

    However, you cannot draw policy conclusions from bad data, and then expect to get effective policy or relevant outcomes as a result.

    The fact remains that 28% of South African schoolgirls are not HIV positive. It is based on bad tests and bad surveys.

    Not that this has not happened before. In 2004, almost a decade ago now, the same was said for schoolgirls in Swaziland.

    When they switched from the Antenatal Clinic Survey (ANC) to the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), they found that not 32% of Swazi girls tested positive, but only 6%. Which itself would pretty much disappear if they used Western Blot as a confirmation test:

  36. MrK MrK 27 March 2013


    MBABANE, 27 August (PLUSNEWS) – A dramatically lower number of Swazi teenage girls are being infected by HIV than was previously estimated, suggesting a turning point in the battle against HIV/AIDS in a country with the world’s highest HIV infection rates.

    The findings in the report, ‘A Baseline Study on HIV Risk Factors’, commissioned by the UN Childrens’ Fund (UNICEF) are derived from interviews and blood tests of over 1,000 Swazis in two rural areas and revealed that *only six percent* of girls aged from 15 to 19 were found to be HIV-positive, with most of the HIV infections occurring among older girls.

    “This is the *first time* we have had data from a *scientifically accurate survey of randomly selected households*. It confirms some trends we had suspected, but which were belied by previous HIV estimates,” said Dr Alan Brody, country representative for UNICEF.

    “This is different from anything that has been seen before. The conventional wisdom is that many more girls were infected,” he told PlusNews.

    The study was prompted by the results of the government’s *2002 sero-surveillance study*, which estimated that *32.5 percent of teenage girls* between the ages of 15 and 19 were HIV-positive.

  37. Momma Cyndi Momma Cyndi 1 April 2013


    Do you ever read either the article or the comments or do you just spout off?

  38. Hope Hope 4 April 2013

    I never understand a number of people who’d criticise a blog like this one.

    It’s like people have become so cold that even agreement with criticism of evil is such a difficult thing…

    One thing I must state is that,it’s not kids who do adverts and market movies that show sexual offences and violence,it’s older people who work at SABC,e tv,and other broadcasting institutions.
    It’s not our teenagers who program the games they play on the PS2 gadgets…

    So when a child seeks to get more “bling”,she’s seen that on Tv…and it’s already programmed in her mind,she can’t easily escape the need to have it…she’s seen it on Hip Hop videos that feature ladies who walk about half naked while the Hip Hop artist flips cash and talk about how much money he has…and how many girls he has..

    So the very same people who complain here about this evil,are the very same people to blame…kids are not the ones who do the excessive programming of adverts of alcohol drinks we see lately on tv,it’s older people.

    Older people are the ones who prepare the minds of these kids for submission to sugar daddies by designing clothes that are revealing…

    No matter how much we try to duck and dive this issue,men are generally attracted to certain body parts of a female,especially if they’re seem mature.

    You may reason that in your teenager wearing a mini skirt, only men with dirty mind would find teenagers attractive,but you as parent have a dirty mind as well to…

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