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Cope congress postponed indefinitely

The war between Lekota and Shilowa forced the Congress Working Committee emergency meeting last night to cancel the May 29 Cope conference altogether. Speaking at an emergency press briefing at noon today the party’s embattled secretary-general, Charlotte Lobe, said: “We can’t go to conference in this state. These guys must sort themselves before we go to any conference lest we experience Polokwane 2 and experience another spilt of this movement.”

Meanwhile Smuts Ngonyama has reportedly resigned over the failure to convene the Cope policy conference, stating huge commitments at the Thabo Mbeki Foundation and Elephant Consortium. After much consultation and considering Lindiwe Sisulu’s advice to “go back to church”, Dandala has requested a sabbatical to consider his future. He was seen last week at a meeting of ministers in Khayelitsha, where he was reportedly preparing Methodist ministers for Easter services in what many believe is a trial run for his imminent return to the church.

Cope staff this week will face a wonderful Easter after Cope’s treasurers unilaterally increased their salaries following revelations last week that most of Cope’s debts had been paid. Finally, in a twist of irony, it has been leaked by the Mail & Guardian that former Cope deputy president Lynda Ordenadal has been deployed by Cope to spy on the ANC and there is panic in the ANC that since her arrival, elections documents have been disappearing in drips and drabs and one ANC insider has confessed that “she has shown a suspiciously high appetite to be in strategic committees”.

Issued by JJ Tabane, Ex-Cope Spokesperson Geleshewe Kimberly.


  • Onkgopotse JJ Tabane is Chief Executive of Oresego Holdings - International Business Advisors. He is an accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International (iib). He writes here in his personal capacity. --------------------------------------------- Onkgopotse JJ Tabane is a Media and Communications Specialist who has become a public commentator on a wide range of socio political issues over the last decade. He has cut his teeth in both Government and Private Sector as a top communicator winning awards such as the Government Communicator of the year in 2002 and holding senior positions such as Ministerial Spokesperson for various ministers, Head of Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Communications Advisor to the Chamber of Mines Communications Vice President and General Manager at South African Airways as well as Chief Executive of Graphicor and Simeka Communications. He has also held a senior corporate affairs Job at Top Electonic Company Altron where he was in Charge of the company’s Transformation Programme and Corporate Social Investment. When COPE was formed in 2008 Tabane quit his Corporate Job to Join COPE as their Head of Communications leading up to the 2009 General election. Until July 2010 Today amongst his many activities he was the Political Advisor to Former COPE Parliamentary Leader Dr Mvume Dandala and occasional contributor to many publications. He has also served on various boards of directors including as a member of the Gauteng Tourism Authority, Johannesburg Tourism Authority and until recently chaired the board of the Indalo Yethu Environmental Campaign. He is still a member of the Northwest University Council where he is serving his second term. JJ Tabane is widely known for his forthright manner of debate and fearless tackling of public commentary since his student days where he was SRC President and Vice President at the Universities of the North and Western Cape where he qualified in Law and Politics. He holds a BA,( UNIN), BPROC (UWC) and Masters in Political Economy (NMMU). He is married to Lorraine Ditshedi Tabane and has two children, Oreabetse (4) and Resego (12) after whom he has named his newly launched International Advisory Business Oresego Holdings.


  1. kagiso kagiso 1 April 2010

    funny haha a political party dat admits d truth?

  2. nzs nzs 1 April 2010

    Why does Shilowa not just accept Lekota as the president of COPE? Alternatively, why does Lekota not accept Shilowa as the president of COPE?

    Forward with COPE, forward! Backwards to Polokwane COPE, backwards!

  3. Maj0be Maj0be 1 April 2010

    This sounds like a movie… Hahahaha…

  4. Paul Whelan Paul Whelan 2 April 2010

    Sad that this really does look now a sorry story.

    Reasonably enough, many people have even less understanding and experience of the demands of opposition than of government. Did Mr Dandala and others really think the fight was as good as won and that SA would have the proper opposition and alternative government it desperately needs to offer SA voters after just one year and one election?

    Fierce conviction, energy, drive and above all commitment are required to build a great political party.

  5. Peter Joffe Peter Joffe 2 April 2010

    The strength of the National Party of yesteryear was more to do with the in-fighting amongst the opposition groups than it was about anything else. As long as the Zulu’s were fighting the Xhosas and any other group that came by there was no cohesion. Once the ANC was big enough and could speak with one voice for so many people, the Nats had to fold.
    “United we stand, divided we fall”. COPE needs to learn that it is not about personal power, it is all about a united stand. Nothing will happen as long as people seek for themselves and not for the people. The opposition fragmentation is the strenght of the ANC.

  6. Eric Eric 2 April 2010

    Nice 1st April article Mr. I looks like the others missed the humour and took you seriously unfortunately.

  7. Nolu Nolu 2 April 2010

    The more things change. The more they stay the same. The Jokes on us ordinary citizens. Ja ne.

  8. Sihle Sihle 2 April 2010

    Truth told on an April Fool’s tone.But most is true.

  9. Balt Verhagen Balt Verhagen 2 April 2010

    An excellent April Fool’s bit on Cope, Onkgopotse.

    You nearly had me there, but you went a bit over the top at the end.

    Thanks for the light relief that God knows we need!

  10. shane brody shane brody 2 April 2010

    COPE must merely grind-on and settle their “settleable” squables…once they can do that they can implement their superior strategies against the inept ruling party – plainly, the ANC oligarchs taught them a few bad lessons in power struggling and this they need to move beyond…afterall, they’re human one supposes, and ‘OLD HABITS DIE HARD!”…i would suggest that with the likes of intellectuals such as JJ in the broader picture, they need to perhaps consider a new and younger face for this organisation. At this juncture, they need to map a path forward with disenchated ANC members, DA, Holomisa etc – people are so tired of ANC hoodwinking that even if they merely build their campaign on “we are not ANC” (similarly to the ANC who merely draw votes via issues of race without any meaningful policy standpoint), they can become a potent opposition.

  11. Solly MOENG Solly MOENG 2 April 2010

    he-he, this is quite revealing…or was it a slip of the pen?

    …”These guys must sort themselves before we go to any conference lest we experience Polokwane 2 and experience another spilt (sic) of this movement.”

    “Another” spilt (sic) of “this” movement? COPE has already been [split] since it was formed, or is this tacit acknowledgement of the fact that the umbilical cord remains unbroken?

    On the positive side and, assuming that you still work for COPE, this is a rather brave article, JJ!! Congratulations!

  12. Sharon Sharon 2 April 2010

    April Fool?

  13. Douglas Douglas 2 April 2010

    JJ it’s fantastic that COPE can laugh at itself instead of the other parties that take themselves so seriously.

  14. Motlhajoe Motlhajoe 3 April 2010

    Ver smart Onkgopotse. Very smart indeed. Now April Folls will read and interprete as is…

  15. Siphiwo Siphiwo Siphiwo Siphiwo 3 April 2010

    Lol…However you’d be force to defend it again as it is more likely to be a joke when it happens.

  16. Lebohang Lebohang 4 April 2010

    After this April fool pieced, the depression among COPE supporters would have worsened after realising that the jokes about about their leadership are in actual fact highly probable given its short dizzy history.

    The reality is that the media promoted them but cannot sustain their existence.

  17. Bonga Ntshingila Bonga Ntshingila 5 April 2010

    @ Tabane

    Very funny.

    Sadly it is not far from the truth. As is the best satire I guess?

  18. Johannes Johannes 5 April 2010

    If ANC think they have a spy in the office, “Why can’t they fire her?”.

    Every congress has it’s own delemas and I understand that COPE will one day cope with their problems and they will become the most powerfull opposition party to THE RULLING PARTY.

  19. Onkgopotse JJ Tabane Onkgopotse JJ Tabane Post author | 7 April 2010

    Thanks to all of you both who took this seriously and those who saw it for what it is – truth disguised as hunour or a straight forward joke…..Hope you enjoyed your April Fool! SA LAUGH AT YOURSELF.

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