So I’ve gone cold turkey on Facebook

So I’ve deactivated my Facebook profile. The 339 people who included me in their networks of friends may or may not have noticed that I’ve simply vanished. Gone. And it’s wonderful. I thought I’d be devastated, as though a limb had suddenly been removed, but I feel liberated. A new person. Perhaps this is how…

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Regulatory rot

As communications technology becomes more complex and regulatory processes more dense, Icasa is in more of a mess than ever. Walking into the Sandton offices of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) tells you more than you need to know about the regulator. There are dead flowers at reception and the distinct smell…

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What the Yahoo-Microsoft deal means

Yahoo and Microsoft concluded an agreement last week that will see Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, used on Yahoo. This effectively creates a new rival to Google, the search-engine giant. How does this affect us? Locally Bing has an estimated search market share of 4% and Yahoo 2%. Their combined market share of 6% is still…

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Amazon’s e-book disappearing act

If you haven’t heard, in an Orwellian faux pas Amazon recently deleted (and refunded) purchased copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from its customers’ Kindle e-readers. It was the wake-up call the anti-DRM lobby was probably hoping for, and it’s raised a storm of discussion (and confusion) about the evil that is digital rights management….

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Meet Al Caphone, capo de tutti capi of SA’s telecommunications cartel

In the past six months Vodacom made more than R14 billion, 12.2% better than it performed previously. While millions of South Africans suffer the very worst of the global economic crisis, it seems counter-intuitive that a telecommunications company can bask in that kind of profitability. This should spark great admiration. Until you come face to face…

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The pied pipers of social media

As the internet morphed from Web 1.0 — oh wait there was no Web 1.0 — to Web 2.0 and towards Web 3.0 it’s showing some interesting new trends. In particular social media is the hot topic to end all hot topics at the moment. That’s where it’s all at, isn’t it? One would be…

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

We may not have reached the point where the normally trustworthy laptop politely, but firmly says: “I’m sorry, Llewellyn, but I cannot allow that.” Yet! But the glorious imbroglio that has crashed down around the great Time magazine with the publication of its hitherto supposedly authoritative “100 Most Influential People in the World” for 2009…

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Who’s the clever one then?

Submitted by Terry White I was doodling through my favourite website, Wikipedia, and I came across an article on “National IQ”. In 2006, Dr Richard Lynn and Dr Tatu Vanhanen published a book called IQ and Global Inequality. In the book they list the average IQs of 185 nations and make an argument that international…

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The Presence Builder: Be careful how you present yourself online

This is the first of a few articles that will provide some advice on how to go about building your presence online. This Presence Builder will advise on such things as why your avatar choice is important, why your online name must be picked with caution to what you vote for on social networking sites,…

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A new way of mourning, on Facebook

Facebook has changed the nature of friendship for many South Africans; I know that without it, my own sense of isolation would be so much worse. Facebook has also changed the way we mourn. Now, when terrible things happen to people we care about, we create Facebook groups in their honour. I was reminded of…

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