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First Principles

On and on free enterprise thrives
Thanks for the competitive open market economy guys
As we coming up in the world today
Everyone has heard somebody say

They promise they promise … we know it’s a lie
They promise they promise you a … better life
Empty words, broken dreams and hearts
Now’s the time to stand, to stand apart

Where is the life you promised us as the masses?
All we see is token starts and fake buck passes …
Peace it’s a state of mind that binds you and I
As fellow citizens with equal human rights

Living side by side in one constitutional democracy
Throw in universal suffrage, add radical subsidiarity
Use individual initiative and we’ll provide the capacities
With indivisible individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities

But you must include, recognise the multicultural situation
Add mutual respect, tolerance, pluralism hasten
Dialogue, learning and innovation’s crew
The rule of law and open democratic civic participation too

The only way for this to work is in the national interest
So will you participate or will you just be a witness?
We want transparency and accountability
Within an equal opportunity-based open society

Directly representative, consultative and responsive
That’s how I like my government served up for us
Just make sure it maintains the peace and justice
And we’ll do the rest; we the opportunity providers

This is the place I want to live — it’s freedom see
But some doubters say it’s just a utopian dream
But I don’t think so; it sounds more like freedom’s own meandering
Equal opportunities, you see that’s all that we’re demanding

One nation with one future, come join us you will see
Liberty and prosperity through equal opportunities
A developmental civil society, qualitative compliance
Now join us, join us, vote DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE

Copyright 2008 Democratic Alliance