Trevor Ncube

Mugabe: Beginning of the end

The will of the suffering masses versus the gritty determination of Robert Mugabe to stay in power — that, in a nutshell, is the contest taking place across Zimbabwe this weekend. This time the people’s yearning for freedom appears greater than any force, including Mugabe’s desperation. It must be so. Change is in the air….

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Simba Makoni: A glimpse of hope

I am excited about the hope that springs out of Dr Simba Makoni’s bold and brave decision to stand up and be counted. This is by far the best prospect for change that Zimbabweans have been presented with in a very long time. It would be catastrophic if we let this opportunity slip again. Until…

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Opportunity knocks for Zimbabwe

While the Zimbabwean crisis is deepening, the continued focus on the description of the crisis at the expense of finding solutions to it has been unhelpful. That the main protagonists in the crisis have dug themselves into entrenched positions from which they are unwilling or incapable of extricating themselves also is unhelpful. In an effort…

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