Tim Neary

Win it? Pfffft, the Springboks will be lucky to even survive RWC 2015

The Springbok, once abundant and fiercely protected, is now endangered. World Cup? With all that grey in Victor Matfield’s beard I thought the Springboks were off to play on the Senior Tour. I’m serious. It’s borderline embarrassing. We’re so laden with experience we’ll do well to keep it up for the first 80 minutes, let…

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My name is Tim, I’m a racist and I’m running for president

A non-practising one. Probably best to make that clear right up front. “You cannot teach a racist to change,” says Rusty Bedsprings on an online forum, “you can only show him that his bigotry holds no power”. Wrong. You can and it does, big time. This is the whole point: Racism has South Africa by…

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