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Sports, a force of unity in SA

By Roxanne Rua One of the most noticeable aspects of South African culture I encountered when arriving here from abroad was the passion that so many people have for sports. Be it soccer, rugby, cricket or any number of amateur athletic pursuits, South Africans are loyal supporters, talented participants and indeed good sportsmen and women….

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A watershed moment in Franco-South African relations

By Olivier Brochenin This year is an important one for the bilateral relationship between France and South Africa. In 2011 France has assumed a double presidency of the G8 and G20, South Africa has been accepted as a rotating member of the United Nations Security Council and Durban will host COP 17, where the international…

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The soul of Seoul

By Philippe Orliange There was some gloom in the South African papers about the outcomes of the Seoul G20 summit — “G20 summit did not fail those with low expectations … ” (Sunday Times), “G20 a colossal failure” (Sunday Independent), “Much ado about nothing” (Business Day). Beyond SA, the view in many places was that…

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