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An American Tuesday

Today is a big day in American presidential politics, as partisan voters in 21 states choose their preferred candidates for their party’s presidential nomination. The Republicans are running the reactionary tweedles against the Neanderthal tweedles. In the race for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, meanwhile, it has been infuriating watching Hillary Clinton speechify […]

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Merre Christmas

Modderdam Road runs from the N2 highway into the centre of beautiful downtown Bellville, part of greater Cape Town. I’ve been driving the four or so kilometers of the road to the University of the Western Cape every day for 10 years. Modderdam is a microcosm of the world we live in: vistas of development […]

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Wet in Plett

When my family went camping there were two cardinal rules: don’t squat to poop in a hornets’ nest (which I did once and was forever after ragged by my brothers) and always sweep out the tent before you fold it up. What to tell my eager, newly matriculated 17-year-old off to a flooded Plett with […]