Siyabonga Ntshingila

An Earl Rose among the thorns?

Last night I watched, with a sizeable amount of sadness and frustration, Earl Rose get the bird from the Newlands crowd. How on earth could anyone think this is the kind of behaviour you can display toward your own countryman while he wears a national jersey? Just who exactly does this serve? Snor picked the…

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Rooting for the underdog?

An acquaintance recently indulged me in one of my favourite pastimes — arguing over inconsequential matters using our respective employers email facilities. Nought out of the ordinary there you may say. And you’d be right, I imagine at least 60% of time spent on work email is not in the furtherance of an employer’s “global…

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Getting around that spouse-shaped obstacle

The Confed Cup, Lions Tour, Tri-Nations, Wimbledon, Roland Garros (nothing like a fine mist of clay on that buxom Serena Williams to make one appreciate His handiwork eh?) a competitive F1 sans the familiar faces and Peter de Villiers press interviews — the sporting gods have surely looked upon us with great favour this year….

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Getting to play selector

So with the Super 14 pretty much done and nearly dusted, South African attention now turns to the — impending/looming/choose own hyperbolic adjective here — incoming tour by the British and Irish Lions. Now as is the nature of such, every man, dog and his braai stand have been playing selector and choosing their teams/squads…

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An insulted voter speaks

Let me just state upfront that this piece is about and directed at the DA. So if you find yourself thinking “for someone disappointed in the DA, he sure mentions them a lot”, worry not, it IS intentional. The Democratic Alliance is currently the largest opposition party in South African politics. It has a greater…

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The barbarians cometh?

So Jacob Zuma’s path has (seemingly) been cleared of the final obstacle and he is free to assume the country’s highest office without the threat of the State, which he will lead, prosecuting corruption charges against him. Of course being Zuma, this could not have happened without the attendant hyperbole, bile and hysteria that the…

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A derby six-pointer! Thank heavens

Finally, after more than a few years where cup supremacy (which I will grudgingly concede belongs to Kaizer Chiefs) and pride were the only things to be played for, the old Soweto rivals, Chiefs and Pirates, will square off in a match that means something beyond just the respective fans’ moods when they go to…

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Wherefore art thou Badih, buddy?

So the news wires and opinion forums (this one included) have been all abuzz about the latest chapter in the life of a well-connected, rule-flouting, middle-aged businessman. Views, bile and hysteria have been spewing forth much like the golden nectar from the draught taps at a hot, lazy and increasingly despondent Kingsmead this past weekend….

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A few lessons from the S14

I’ll keep this one brief, Mondays are rough enough hey? Four weeks in, here’s what I’ve figured: Bulls: Stick to your knitting and you’ll be just fine. These ELV malarkeys don’t forbid kicking it long and keeping it tight. Keep Fourie du Preez fit and when in doubt, swing it to Pierre Cheetahs: Take up…

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A Malema hangover

The front page news of the Thursday March 5 edition of Mondli Makhanya’s rather entertaining daily baby left me rather, erm, in an enthused state. Julius Malema missing a rally because he had been out late previously and was quite possibly nursing the effects of Bachuss’s vengeance. Now sure Julius sells papers, and makes for…

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