Sentletse Diakanyo

We are not all Africans, black people are!

Henry Ford once said, “You can have any colour as long as it is black”. Similarly, native inhabitants of Africa say, “You can be an African in any colour as long as he is black.” There has been a sudden demand for an African to come in a variety of colours. During days of slavery…

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In defence of conspicuous consumption

A debate has been raging recently, led by self-appointed economic moralists and social activists, who have been on a war-path against conspicuous consumption; something they perceive as unethical consumerism and an affront on the moral principles of society. Anyone with a shade of active grey-matter would realise that such moral arguments are absolute nonsense. This…

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Cuban market reforms signal the death of communism

As the global economy slowly emerges from the rubble of the devastating 2008 financial crisis, developed and developing economies are beginning to review their macro-economic policies in a collective attempt to spur sustainable global economic growth and avert a similar crisis. The US has been largely to blame for initiating a crisis that caused global…

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Yes, Cape Town Opera should boycott Israel!

It appears it is an open season for launching cowardly attacks on Archbishop Desmond Tutu. One thing that we have come to learn about Tutu is his unwavering resolve in the pursuit of justice, equality, peace and freedom of the downtrodden, persecuted and oppressed. He has never been intimidated into silence by those who wield…

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How will history judge Mbeki?

The launch of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation and the Thabo Mbeki Africa Leadership Institute was met with unusual excitement by the media considering their belligerent attitude towards the former president in the past. As the Holy Scripture says: “A Prophet is not without honour except in his own hometown and his own house.” After ridiculing…

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Weaker rand won’t help

The global economy is poised for a full-blown “currency war”, where countries deliberately devalue their currencies in order to boost exports and stimulate economic growth. At the recent IMF and G7 meeting in Washington, the IMF’s call for a ceasefire between the two main combatants, the US and China, failed. IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned…

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Is R500K the minimum for a bribe?

At the beginning of the “Tender Revolution” when BEE became fashionable, many previously disadvantaged black folks scrambled to set up companies in their quest to emancipate themselves from economic subjugation. The promise of prosperity offered through preferential procurement opportunities inspired many to abandon formal employment in preference of exploring the unfamiliar business terrain. BEE is…

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Reed dance violates women’s dignity

Our identity as a nation is defined by the culture we embrace, practise and how it finds social expression. It defines our national character and personality. The promotion of cultural practices is generally an attempt by communities to preserve their own uniqueness of identify, to promote social cohesion and to some extent exercise social control…

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What is the origin of the universe?

The question of the existence of the God has been one that consumed philosophers, scientists and priests since time immemorial and it is a question that will continue to occupy inquisitive minds and be explored for as long as man exists. Scientists such as Isaac Newton saw God as the masterful creator of the universe….

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Of course I blame whites, well sort of

“Africans are not a problem to Africa, it is the Europeans,” said former British prime minister Harold Macmillan on recognition of the winds of change sweeping across Africa in the 1960s. Macmillan was speaking from an informed colonial position. Europe had over decades set out to under develop Africa. It was by no accident that…

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