Sandy Carroll

Sinking feeling, or is the Earth moving faster?

If all the world’s glaciers were to melt and engulf the coasts on all continents, would you get a sinking feeling? Here I have to reminisce a little about physics and geology lectures (which I rarely attended) and the fact that buoyancy of continental plates is a factor of the density of the Earth’s mantle…

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Our nuclear future

Nuclear energy is the best option currently available for base load energy generation. Nuclear technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since the last disastrous meltdown in the Eighties and we are on the verge of experiencing the wonders of modular nuclear reactors, PBMR. It is small, efficient, generates little waste and above all, is…

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Energy and economy

I find it somewhat amusing how humans seem to have designed and created incredibly successful societies based on the availability of different commodities. There was the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the industrial age and now our own current information age. The logical progression from rock and caves to fire and…

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Business. Environment. Balance

Long gone are the days of hippies and activists alone protecting the existence of fauna and flora and protesting against the wrongs done to the environment by industry and big business. Our green playing field has changed indeed, with businesses stepping up to the plate and taking charge of their environmental and social responsibility issues….

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