Rudi Buys

We need a national student convention and truth commission

No one else but the students of our country are able to halt the steady progress of campus violence to full-blown revolution. This is so because the generational distance in lived experience between public decision-makers and students is such that it disallows an authentic engagement between the student movement and “our parents” – young people…

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Universities need vibrant student affairs officers to drive transformation

Did South African higher education have a hand in our resurgent student voice? Absolutely, student activists would argue, but for its lack of transformation serving as an obstacle rather than an ally in the project of change. Campus debates on change relate not only to transformation but also to how prominent and capable student voices…

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I too, am Africa

To debate colonial statues or white privilege in South Africa will not help us to transform society, unless it helps us build the much needed coalitions to do so. Frequent racist incidents and the racial rhetoric in public debates show that our coalitions of trust are floundering. It is not the raw frankness of our…

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