Onkgopotse JJ Tabane

It’s been a nauseating year

South Africans are an intolerant bunch of people who often look down on others and themselves. Take the stupid political rally that the welcome of hero Caster Semenya was turned into by Julius Malema earlier this year — only to find that our own Pinocchio Leornard Chuene was the fool making us all look like…

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Can Cope stand the test of tough times?

A year on, a lot has been written about Cope’s fortunes. Without wanting to sound like an oracle ensconced in some seat of better wisdom, I want to argue that at the heart of the deferred dream of an alternative government is the failure of visionary, pragmatic and organised leadership within Cope. This failure is…

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Mokonyane: Just another politician after all

A few months ago I wrote about Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane suspending the former director of Gauteng’s roads and transport department, Sibusiso Buthelezi. It’s been reported that a disciplinary process against Buthelezi was aborted mid-stream and that an agreement was reached. As a Gauteng citizen I am curious why such a settlement suddenly became necessary….

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A letter to Buti Manamela

An open-and-shut letter to Buti Manamela Dear Comrade Buti, The Young so-called Communist League is battling to remain relevant. I am making this bold statement because I know that though you may disagree with it you will understand it perfectly. Two years ago I wrote with appreciation for the work that your organisation was doing…

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Simelane’s rule of law

At a press conference to explain his response to the Ginwala Commission, a journalist asked then-president Kgalema Motlanthe to elaborate on what he meant by referring the matter of the director-general of the department of justice and constitutional development, Menzi Simelane, to the minister “in accordance with the law”. Simelane had, according to the Ginwala…

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An open letter to the minister of stealth, I mean health

On the eve of World Aids Day I write to you about the unfulfilled promises for which we can’t possibly only blame you … Dear Bra Aaron, One of the most appealing things about your appointment as minister is your general approachability — hence I know that this letter to you from citizen nobody will…

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If Parliament were to shut down, would you notice?

So Parliament held its last session with pomp and ceremony to witness the changing of the judiciary guard. Judge Pius Langa must have been happy to see the back of the partisan-infested relationship between the executive and the judiciary which was marked in this session of Parliament with the appointment of his successor. A move…

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We need more leaders like Asmal

South Africans from across the political divide who are serious about building a democracy where a free exchange of ideas is tolerated and rights of people respected must cringe and be disgusted by Fikile Mbalula’s tirade against Kader Asmal in recent weeks. To define this conduct as hate speech is an understatement. I hold no…

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ANC must learn to tolerate criticism

The wise words of former chief justice Pius Langa at a Press Freedom Day function last Monday highlighted the importance of freedom of expression. There are many in our society who do not understand this freedom and its responsibility. There is a need to be patient and tirelessly remind them of the dark days when…

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What’s wrong with a Cope-DA marriage?

“Quite early on after the bomb I realised that if I was filled with hatred and desire for revenge I’d be a victim forever. If we have something done to us, we are victims. If we physically survive, we are survivors. Sadly, many people never travel any further than this. I did travel further, going…

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