Nastasya Tay

Standing up against poverty and living in denial

2008 began as a year of possibility. The second half of this year marks the midpoint of our time allotted to meet the Millennium Development Goals; the midpoint of our quest to make aid more effective through the Paris Declaration; and the review of progress made so far in responsible financing for development since the…

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Reaching the summit? Aid ineffectiveness

Over the last week, all hotels in Accra have been booked out and streets closed to the chagrin of local taxi drivers, for the third time so far this year. The High Level Forum (HLF) on Aid Effectiveness – the third in its series – alongside the civil society Parallel Forum which aimed to prepare…

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Families, closed doors and raps on the knuckles

So, the Burma saga continues. After recent events — September’s bloody crackdown on peaceful rallies in the South-East Asian country, global protests and a worldwide vigil outside various Chinese diplomatic missions — the monks took to the streets again. In the days following the October 31 rally in Pakokku, a number of attempts to solve…

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