Miriam Mannak

Refugees have rights too!

The picture on today’s Cape Times is stuck in my mind. This terrified injured little girl haunts me, even after I have put the paper away. She might not be able to tell us what she saw, as she is probably too young to do so, but her eyes say more then all the news…

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Brains think, skin doesn’t

The race card: Frequently used among South Africans from all backgrounds to express their disapproval in an argument, debate or discussion with a person from another race. The race-card is usually flashed in case of significant or arbitrary differences of opinion between one or more individuals. The object exists in various shapes, sizes and, of…

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Politics: Only for the brave

Politics is not for sissies. Well, if you are from certain countries that is. From Burundi for instance, or neighbouring Rwanda. Or Eritrea, Sri Lanka, and Colombia. Or Burma, Ecuador and Zimbabwe. These and other nations can’t exactly be classified as airy-fairy political fun fairs. Here, belonging to the opposition, being too vocal, too controversial,…

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From China, with love

Seventy-seven tonnes of guns, mortars and other rubbish is lying in Durbs harbour — ready to be shipped to Zim. From China, with love. It makes me sick; it makes me want to vomit, cry, shout, kick, and scream. It really wants to make me hurt someone. Really bad. And for a non-aggressive person, that…

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Go, Zuma, go!

Before virtual tomatoes are flying through cyberspace and into my direction, I am not the least a JZ fan. The way he thinks about the relationships between men and women, his (in my opinion) strange ideas about HIV and showers, and the alleged corruption charges have made me very wary about this chap. However, despite…

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Life’s peachy in Zim

Definition of “crisis”, according to the Webster’s dictionary: A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point / An unstable condition, as in political, social, or economic affairs, involving an impending abrupt or decisive change / An emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person’s life. Synonyms: crisis, crossroad, exigency, head, juncture, pass….

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Positively positive

I am tired. Flippin’ tired — of all those folks who spend their days complaining, bitching, moaning, whining and whingeing about how bad it is in South Africa. A week or so ago, I had breakfast with a friend and her buddies. One of them — a platinum blonde with well-manicured French nails and a…

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