Malaika Wa Azania

We dare not forget Sobukwe’s legacy

A week ago, I decided to go to Kimberley in the Northern Cape to visit the house of the founding president of the PAC, the great Robert Sobukwe. Finding house number 6 in Naledi Street was easy. People of Galeshewe township know Sobukwe’s house. We found the gate opened and walked to the door to…

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Understanding the African Renaissance through rap music

This morning I found myself listening to one of my favourite rap albums of all time: Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Volume 2. One track in particular, The 4th Branch of the Government, captured my mind. While it speaks of the racism of American media and the need of African-Americans to read, I found myself thinking of…

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Why are young people buying into Malema’s party?

I had the privilege of being one of the founding members of the Economic Freedom Fighters when it was established a month and a half ago. One of my responsibilities in the organisation was to do data capturing of volunteers who wanted to join the economic freedom vehicle. In less than a week of the…

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Selling Malema’s farm to a white person an insult to blacks

It is with absolute rage that I write this article. The news of the auctioning off of comrade Julius Malema’s farm signals more than just another chapter in the tragic story of the former president of the ANCYL’s political downfall. It signals a tragic legitimisation of a historical injustice against black people; an injustice that…

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The black ‘middle class’ and its white tendencies

There are two groups of people that I have a serious problem with in this country: white people and the black “middle class”. I won’t discuss my problem with white people because that could take forever as there are actually many problems I have with that group of people. What I want to discuss today…

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Blacks must stop sucking up to whites

I would have loved to write this article in my own native language, but Thought Leader does not make allowance for its black columnists to write in a language understood by most of the 42 million blacks in our country. It is a guideline of the blog that we must write in a language historically…

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To hell with this anti-black education system!

A Guatemalan poet, guerrilla fighter and revolutionary, Otto René Castillo, forces us as Africans to return from our retreat from the habit of thinking when he speaks to us of apolitical intellectuals of our time. Castillo says of these people: “One day the apolitical intellectuals of my country will be interrogated by the simplest of…

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Black people are poor, not stupid

I am terribly annoyed by academics and political analysts in this country. It has become a Herculean task for me to even read their works and research based on the conditions of black people, particularly in the townships and rural areas. Most of these academic papers and articles, whatever issue they deal with, however different…

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The problem in SA is not the ANC

The oldest liberation movement on the continent, the African National Congress, is facing a crisis of great magnitude. Not only are there power struggles within the organisation but a sense of resignation towards the organisation in broader society. The masses have evolved from a state of defeatism — induced by the post-1994 euphoria — to…

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Don’t throw Malema into the dustbin of history

I have listened to political analysts, academics, businessmen and women and ordinary people trying to convince me that Julius Malema is the biggest problem this country has ever been confronted with post-democracy. I have heard arguments about how he is a “populist”, an “opportunist”, a “demagogue” and “a danger to the future of the country”….

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