Llewellyn Kriel

Viva, Darwin Awards, viva!

Aside from the internet’s usefulness in being able to complete every quiz crossword ever, being home to the blogosphere and providing P2P connectivity and downloadable music and movies, the Darwin Awards are the greatest social contribution it has made. Without the Darwin Awards, which far outshine trinkets such as the Oscars, Olympics and Nobels, how…

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Round one to the Sowetan

The axe finally fell at 12:15pm yesterday (Friday) when the publisher and CEO of the Sowetan, Bongani Keswa upheld my dismissal as ruled by the earlier internal disciplinary hearing. To recap: I had been working as senior revise sub-editor (a kind of final quality checkpoint) for 18 months on the Sowetan. During that time I…

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Dishing up the sloppy seconds

Everybody makes mistakes. I know that only too well. How the hell I am alive today I have no idea. I am a Monarch of Mistakes, Emperor of Errors, Pharaoh of Fuck-Ups. Some I have walked away from unscathed. Some I barely stood up from. Others I have survived by nothing short of God’s interference….

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For heaven’s sake, it’s a blog

Like Ebrahim Harvey, who could not be further removed from me on the ideological scale, I too “feel compelled” to take a broader view on the Vincent Maher/Dominic Tweedie; black/white; male/female; Thought Leader/Mail & Guardian; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young/Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich brouhaha. Ebrahim argues a good case, until his bias…

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Alive with possibility — Version

Having just been kakked out by Chris Marais, one of the greatest writers/photographers South Africa has ever produced, for being a depressing scaremonger, the time is ripe to blog things right. But lest julle almal think Mr Hyde has just turned into Dr Jekyll, or the lion has found his courage, or the tin man…

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‘The roots of fear’ and the leaftips of hope

Sharon Begley, an outstanding reporter/writer for Newsweek, wrote an exceptional piece on the roles and rules of fear and hope in American presidential politics (“The roots of fear”, December 24 2007). Against the backdrop of South Africa’s mostly superficial Bakelite* political analysis in which the same tawdry arguments about personalities and so-called “policy planning” (an…

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Bring on the building blogs

If taken in earnest, blogging provides a generous platform for research. Generous because responses are free, and, while the “research” can hardly be called scientific, it is a toe-tip test of the pool’s swimmability. In my relatively short (though, may I say, rather spectacular) adventure in the blogosphere, I have gained insights I would have…

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Alive with possibility?

Recently my cellphone rang. I couldn’t recognise the number. It was very long, but I answered apprehensively anyway. “Hey, Dad!” a familiar voice boomed, “I am standing here in First Street, United States, with my arm around my gorgeous wife and looking down at Cinderella’s Castle. (more…)

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Generalisations of the year

Everybody knows generalisations are the heartbeat of truth. Leonard Cohen, the greatest living poet, said: “Everybody knows the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed, everybody knows that the war is over, everybody knows that the good guys lost.” So the panel of pundits at TopEditor have put together the generalisations of 2007…

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A rhinestone Xmas

DAMN! I tried so hard to have a happy Christmas, but the best I managed was a somewhat disjointed crazy kinds-in-the-kitchen porridge of highs and lows. I can’t say I expected much from Christmas itself. Since I’ve aged and grown more and more disillusioned with the general direction this most glorious of lands is taking,…

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