Llew Claasen

eBay: How big can you go?

eBay is a notoriously dominant property in the online auction/marketplaces space, where the market value of an item is uncertain. The most significant element of this dominance is attributed to network effects in its marketplace business. In eBay’s business, the money side of the platform is the marketplace sellers and the subsidy side is the…

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Google’s cash machine: How sustainable is it really?

Barriers to entry have typically been used by traditional offline players to deter entry into an industry. This has the effect of creating a business environment where healthy profits and sometimes even monopolistic (economic) profits are possible. In the online space, there are few of these barriers to entry, but there is something else that…

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Cliff Jennings, lonelygirl15: We’re all playing characters anyway, so why the fuss?

I must have been napping during the class on ethics in marketing, because I don’t understand the reason for the furor over the Cliff Jennings/Idols saga in South Africa. This has happened before, is happening as I sit here and will certainly become more prevalent in the future. In May 2006, a 1:32 webcam video…

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Technology qualifications not meeting needs of SA web

My colleague and fellow Thought Leader contributor Vinny Lingham and I recently spent some time together discussing what we believe is the next wave of innovation on the web, post the social-networking drivers of Web 2.0. We believe that the world is poised for a dramatic increase in demand for niche, concise, on-demand skills training….

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