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Et tu, Tutu?

Dear Reverend Tutu, I apologise for giving this blog entry such a corny name. I realised the phrase “Et tu” had been used at least twice before — once by some old Roman politician and once by Dr Bandula Kothalawala (not to mention the band by that name somewhere on YouTube). Be that as it […]

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Springtime for Cameron

Riots? In the UK?  What shall we call this phenomenon, these marauders running riot with their Blackberries and bricks? The British Spring?  After the widespread pro-democratic protests in predominantly Muslim countries, we were all wondering: who’s next? What dictatorship is about to topple before the angry hordes? Secretly, some of us hoped for something similar […]

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Secret letter to Jon Qwelane

Hallo, Jon, how are you? From riches to rags, you say? I empathise! I decided to write to you on an impulse. I don’t know you personally, I have never met you, but what the hell. I’m a columnist, too, and, as you know very well, column writing is a dangerous job, especially these days. […]

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It’s still the same damn zebra!

We have all experienced this at one time or another. The moment of truth in a troublesome relationship. That pivotal point in time when you look into someone’s eyes or see someone do something in a certain way and you have a sudden, explosive intuitive insight into that person’s character. And, after months, possibly years, […]

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The giant leap from ‘I am’ to iPad

Can Twitter save our planet? Will Facebook free mankind from the twilight of collective stupidity, religious fanaticism and crazed dictatorships? Is WikiLeaks the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy contained in Johan 8:32? In short: is the internet the next step in the evolution of human consciousness? This isn’t just idle speculation. Many people are starting […]

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Hold my hand, I’m dieting

I received two birthday gifts this year. One was a fantastically constructed venison pie, which my wife had somehow gotten hold of through some mysterious housewifely process, either by swinging her magic wand, ordering it on Gumtree, or actually making it herself. Whatever the method entailed, it was surely a grand-looking pie, enormously big, and […]

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My greatest fear

There’s a new author that started publishing stuff in America recently. His name is spelt almost exactly like mine, but with the “u” and “i” in a different order: instead of “Koos Kombuis” he calls himself “Koos Kombius”. This is not where the similarities end. He also looks a bit like me: overweight, greying, bald. […]