Koketso Moeti

Rail services still treat us like cattle

Dear Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, I don’t usually write open letters and have tried to engage you in more direct ways. I was one of the groups kept back by security at your Pretoria Station not too long ago and I am a regular visitor at your customer care booth at Park Station….

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Why the Zimmerman verdict matters in SA

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old boy who walked to a 7-Eleven in Sanford, Florida, for a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. During what would be his final walk back to his father’s home, he came across neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman who subsequently stalked him. This is believed to have led…

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Why the silence on the right to internet access?

The United Nations Human Rights Council has in the past called the right to freedom and expression “one of the essential foundations of a democratic society”. It has recognised the internet’s importance in the “promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression”. This subsequently led to a landmark resolution, which saw…

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The disaster that is our medical depots

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), along with Section27, the Treatment Action Campaign and Rural Health Advocacy Project recently released a damning report about HIV drug stock-outs in the Eastern Cape. According to the report, “Forty percent of 70 Eastern Cape health facilities ran out of HIV or TB drugs in May, and in almost…

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The mystery that is Zimbabwe

Since my childhood days, Zimbabwe has always been of great interest to me. You see, growing up, I gathered from news and traditional, mainstream media that Zimbabwe was bad. Before I even knew what a “banana republic” was, I already knew that Zimbabwe was one. Apart from this, I’d also listened to long conversations about…

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Active citizenry, just another buzzword? You decide

“Active citizenry” is the current buzzword in South Africa, used not only by those in civil-society organisations, but also government, business, political parties and general society at large. It particularly caught on following the launch of the national development plan, which identifies active citizenship as a key priority “to lead us out of a governance…

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Hunger and strife in the great SA

The level of inequality in South Africa is well known and often referred to by many from various sectors. But no matter how many times one hears of it, it is no easier to experience. South Africa seems on the surface to be a much better and wealthier country than most. After all, it is…

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Break the silence of child abuse

We are currently observing National Child Protection Week, which is an annual campaign led by the department of social development in partnership with other government departments and civil-society organisations. The campaign will run up to June 2 2013 and is themed “Working together to protect children”. The aim of this initiative “is to promote the…

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When ‘educational’ programmes do more harm than good

On Human Rights Day my daughter who was at home asked if she could watch cartoons. Despite being very cautious about what I allow her to watch, that day I switched on assuming that the content would not be too bad as it was from SABC education. A programme called Thabang Thabong was playing, it…

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Angie’s panties, really Sadtu?

I am aware of how my children’s behaviour comes about from modelling mine. I see it all the time, from when my son gets hurt and his sister “kisses it better” to the way they conduct themselves in general. More than what I ever say to them, my children learn from my own conduct. I…

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