Khadija Magardie

Diff’rent strokes for Muslim folks?

The Justice Department, when it comes to matters of the Bearded Folk, has the patience of Job. This, as the deadline for comments on the Muslim Marriages Bill has been extended — again. Not that this need to “allow for maximum participation” isn’t an admirable gesture. But the first draft was published 10 years ago….

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Stovepipe pants and phutu plaits

Mr G was jug-eared and wore towelling socks with Barker moccasins. His moustache was more Yosemite Sam than Magnum PI. On good days, he wore a canary-yellow tracksuit in keeping with his role as the phys-ed instructor. But normally it was the stovepipe pants and white shirt combo. Oh, and the bad tie. But these…

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Where are the coloured Guptas?

Let’s face it, “our” coloureds have an image problem. It isn’t really about the fondness for boxed Autumn Harvest, and the curlers at the Waterfront. And it certainly can’t be about smacking down a columnist who served up a few stale caricatures. Or even about the unfortunately phrased utterances of a government functionary. Perhaps it…

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