Kanthan Pillay

The best symbol of a united nation

Tuesday midday in GP: A R29 “business lunch special” at a Chinese restaurant in Rosebank with a colleague followed by filter coffee and baklava at Fournos around the corner. And as I used my finger to wipe the last drops of honey from the plate, I sighed in satisfaction: “What is this life if, full…

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‘The beatings will continue until morale improves’

It’s 5.24am on Saturday morning in the northern suburbs of Africa’s financial capital. I’ve just finished two hours re-editing a DVD for the big-screen display at the hottest party in town tonight. (Club Y at Carfax, Newtown, if you must know.) Now, there’s the obligatory wait for the video to render. (That’s geek speak for…

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The value chain, from A to Zim

Most of us who pick up a magazine or newspaper rarely think about the value chain resulting in the words we read ending up on paper. The chain for Y Mag, for example, starts a decade or more in the past, probably on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast when pine trees are planted in anticipation of…

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